LET'S PARTY. Picture

Lolol, this was.. very hastily done.. with way more effort than necessary.. for a school project.. that I'll likely get a failing grade on because it was late. YES. That combination hardly curdles my insides. 8D

Anywayyy, rotfl.. I was supposed to do six of these little flyer things for Latin class (I ended up getting two finished and two more sketched... add to failure). The point was to imagine what the Roman gods would do (as far as profession, business, services, products go) if they were in the modern world, seeing as no one recognizes them religiously anymore.

One of the gods I chose was Bacchus (or Liber), the Roman equivalent of Dionysus.. C;

"Bacchus was the god of wine and inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy. I thought the perfect modern equivalent would be a nightclub-- the place where people go to get drunk and let loose. I drew him as a leopard because he was often depicted wearing a leopard skin or accompanied by a leopard. Bacchus was rather feminine as well, so I gave him long, silky hair and a more delicate appearance. "


Anywayyy~ I actually kind of tried on anatomy (facial structure, at least), so crits are welcome and encouraged. <3 Not that I can change it, but.. so I can learn.

Ohyeah, and this was superwaxy Crayola pencils on printer paper. LolIfeltsocheap. And a very quick background with a photo ripped from either Google or a stock photo website.. can't remember. O: I think Google.

P.S.; I love the name Bacchus. xD A lot. It's fun to say~

Bacchus (c) Roman mythology lol.
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