Void Sword Picture

In many versions of mythology, there are four elements; Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. In many, there is a fifth, known as the Void. The Void is the place where all was made, as in the elements, flesh and bone, even souls come from the core of the Void. However, the Void is much more then just that. It is also a transporter of sorts, a dimensional link from which any place can be reached or left. For this reason alone, the Blade of the Void, the one key needed to unlock the dread power, has been lost for years...

'Story of the Blade', by yours truly. Full veiw, please. I took deadly detail in creating the blade for the center (Void) sword, so please, love it and charish it... ok, don't do that, 'cause it's creepy, but enjoy iy.
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