Forest Kirin Picture

Yes you are actually seeing that.. A Digital drawing by me! I can't imagine you are more excited then me about it but still. ehem.. It is also a first for me in the deer department as the body is that of a deer. XD

This fantasy beast is a Kirin or Qirin (orginalally fom asia mythology) but i was inspired by the fanfiction Harry Potter and the Fold (link below) by my favorite author Fawn of the Woods. In this fiction (chapter 9) the Kinin is described protecting a group of unicorns with the head and tail of a dragon, body of a deer, and hooves of a horse (heh.. not included) while the colors described as below:

"Long majestic antlers peaked out of the branches attached to a head of sapphire blue scales. Those piercing blue eyes, crystal in depth regarded him calmly. He saw flashes of golden fur in the leaves as the creature strutted out after the unicorns."

Abviously I tried to capture his (did I do you think?) but since this was my first even completely digital piece I didn't go as far as the detail in the blue scales.. Sorry.. The same with the back ground and feet frankly.. lol I was to excited about my shading and the fact i was doing it in the first place.

Anyway Any input would be thrilling lol and much loved! I love constructive critisism and if i can impove something please tell me!

Fanfic: [link]
Deer model:
GIMP tutorial:
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