Custom Shisa - Red/Green Male Picture

Since the next Shisa character auction will be coming up in February, just thought I'd show some custom Shisa which were painted not too long ago! Here's the male Shisa of this pair, and the female of the pair may be seen here:… This pair is for Modestmonster and her fiancé (over on FA).

Custom Shisa:…
Customs like these ones are open, but only in limited numbers! If you have a character in mind, I'd love to bring it to life, just keep in mind that these are limited to 25 casts for each gender, which includes the characters which I create and auction.

Shisa Ornament Info
Each Shisa measures about 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, these pendants are all done by my own hand, so you can be sure that much love is poured into each of these unique collectable critters. They're cast in a sturdy resin which is then hand painted in acrylic and pastel. Afterwords, they're sealed in a protective varnish and a ribbon best matching their colors is added for easy hanging, hopefully in a place where they they can be good guardian critters!

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