Jesus's Birthday Picture

One of my biggest problems with this season are all the lies and false beliefs surrounding it. I swear every time I hear someone say that Christmas is Jesus's birthday or that Jesus is the reason for the season I want to falcon-punch them all the way to Bethlehem!

Christmas ain't got shit to do with Jesus! Jesus was NOT born in December or any other time during the winter for that matter. If the story about his birth holds any truth there is no way Jesus could have been born during the winter. It helps to do a little research into history and geography. Bethlehem is a city in Palestine and the Palestinian winters are too damn cold for the accounts regarding Jesus's birth to be accurate and still have occurred during the winter months. The shepherds would not have been in their field and the angel would have appeared to an empty field. The Three Kings certainly would not have been traveling through the desert at night, and Mary and Joseph would have frozen to death in that dang manger. It certainly wouldn't have been a decent place to give birth to a newborn.

The heinous reality is that Christmas is really a rip-off of Pagan midwinter festivals like Yule which was celebrated by Pagans across Europe for centuries before Christianity spread across the European continent like a plague demonizing every aspect of the older religions which predated it. Midwinter festivals like Yule were celebrated to honor the winter solstice and the "rebirth" of the sun which would gradually begin to linger longer in the sky after December 25th heralding the impending end of winter and the coming days of Spring. Many of the traditions observed today during Christmastime come from the old traditions the Pagans observed for Yule; including the Yule (or Christmas) tree, mistletoe, candle-lighting, Yule log, sweet candy treats, and of course Santa Claus...who actually originates from the myths about Odin. That's right, folks! Jolly ol' St. Nick is really the King of the Norse Gods, Odin, the All-Father!

Now mind you, I'm not saying that Christians shouldn't celebrate Christmas, but a little honesty and less hypocrisy would be greatly appreciated. Bother to do a little research about the holidays you call yourself celebrating and find out the real reason why you're celebrating it and where the traditions actually come from. Christmas doesn't have a damn thing to do with your mythological savior. It's not Jesus's birthday; its the birthday of the Sun in accordance of the old Pagan beliefs; which the Catholic Church tried to erase by taking the old traditions and wrapping them around their dogma. A little honesty, please! That's all I'm asking.……………………
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