Goddess Gaia - Great Mother Picture

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Gaia - Great Mother - Earth

"Here I am the motherland of the universe, the queen of elements of all, the first source of all centuries I, from deities biggest, I, of underground shadows queen, out of Olympians first, I, which the face is a face for of all gods and goddesses of all, I, which the wave is ruling the bright heavenly vaults, healing breaths of oceans, desperate of hells with silence - I, of which one only deity entire is worshipping world in the multiple shape, in the different rite and under the different name."

The oldest Goddess of the mankind, commemorated under different names (Izis, Kybele, Idzanami, Kali, Inanna and the like), cultures in all known of world. Deity, as old, how a mankind is old. Unpleasantly for me men, gods of the male sex turned up entire millennia after the Great Mother, only in beginnings of the era of the patriarchy

Archetypal symbol of the Great Goddess is " the creator of world, the eternal mother, the eternal virgin. Everything contains what something contains in itself, she is feeding everything what it is feeding and she is a source of the life of everything what is living. She is also a source of the death of everything what is dying. An entire circle of the being is under her authority - from the birth through growing up, the maturity and the old age, until the grave.

In the Greek mythology, Gaja loomed the Chaos into view, she was an archetypal personification of the fertility and the motherhood. Gaja virginally gave rise to Uranus (Sky) and Pontus (Sea). Together with Pontus Gaja begat sea deities, with Uranusem - tribe of Titans, Cyclopes, and giants with one hundred hands.
When Uranus declared war on Titans, she persuaded her Cronos son to castrate it; the blood of the castrated spouse impregnated her and in the end she spent Erinyses on world - goddesses of the revenge, meliady, Giants and Aphrodite. Defeated Uranus, foretold his son Cronos son that the similar fate would meet it from the hand of its children, Cronos swallowed all it descendants down, right after the birth.
Then Gaja advised her daughter and the Cronus wife- Rhea, how to rescue Zeus before the father.
Cult of Gaia - breadwinners of the entire nature, widely was practiced in all Greece . Comprehended at first as basic element of universe, next the goddess of the fertility, the Mother of everything, the guarantor of oaths, the deity knowing secrets of the destiny. She was being regarded as the special minder of children.
In the victim Gai a black sheep was being placed.
Centers of the cult were largest: Dodona, the Athens, the Sparta
In the Roman mythology she is its counterpart for Tellus Goddess.

I hope that I managed, at least a bit, to keep the meaning and the beauty of the anthem to Gaia which I quoted at the beginning of the description.
Unfortunately it is a text which is a Latin subscription of the Greek anthem. I translated it to Polish and only then to English.


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