Battlecry at Bird Nation Picture

Finally... Finished!!! I took some days to realize what kind of background I should do to match the battlecry theme. After seeing again the opening theme of Samurai Champloo with same name, I realized a Sumi-e should be most appropriate. The painted scenario is the Algren's homeland: The Empire of Nittou (wrote on the first frame left to right), also known as Hijima or Hittou. As mentioned at Hachinin no Senshitachi. the Nittou Empire is a coalition of the 13 great local countries, and of the Algren&Co belongs to the Bird Country (Torino Kuni - wrote on the second frame).

The 13 Great Countries are themed after the 12 Zodiac animals and the 13th Country belong to the Humans.

The Bird Country is the most hilly area of the Nittou Archipelago and is most covered by forests and rocky terrain. Volcanoes are common as hot spring as well. Tengu villages are small and most of times using the trees itself as foundation.

This reflects the origin of the tengu legend in real world: as forest spirits that lives in and protects them by any means - sword strikes and punching included. Despite the violent behavior with corrupt and arrogant people, they are known by helping lost children in the forest and give assistance to good hearted people. And they like to frequent restaurants, as tengu masks are commonly seen in these places to help bring good profit to the shop.

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