PDA -Kim y Bane- Picture

Name: Kim Fillipe
Age: 17
Summoning method: The Evoker in her back pocket-holster.
Team: None/with Dante.

Weak: Electricty +Null: Ice +Resist: Fire

Weapon: Nothing really, she doesn't have any special king-fu abilities and whatnot. :U She may pretend to know karate by moving her hands around.

Persona: Amphisbaena, a double-headed snake of Greek mythology. A belief is that it's very wise and can heal infections of skin. (When one head's sleeping, the other is always alert and on guard.)

Arcana: Temperance
1. Large Size - Kim's huge, snobbish ego. Amphisbaena can also shrink as Kim's courage dwindles in battle and her reserved back-up wisdom comes up.
2. Two heads - Represent her character and views. She does not have multiple personalities, unless they're all working under one conscience. She can be annoying one moment, then annoying the next with smarter and patient ideas. Her thoughts are also spread all over the place, trying to see both sides of an issue. This makes people think she's rather spacey-outey, but it's just her thinking things out.
3. Weird glowy things - Despite acting all large and tough and stuff, Kim also has some delicate points. Do not bother asking about these delicate points, ever.
4. Feathered Wings - Show her wishes for heavenly protection from society and freedom (to flyyy).

Bio Info:

She has a big mouth and usually acts before thinking. Buut, on the inside she's secretly thinking all sorts of things out. To other people, she comes off as rather odd, and certainly acts so. She actually has remarkable memory skills (which somehow don't seem to relate to her test grades) but can be used more powerfully outside of school. She's a scaredy cat and hates taking huge risks, and it's hard for someone to stop her from doing what she wants. This is opposite of her physical abilities, which are weak. She would be nothing without her persona.

She was raised in a rather boring family as a spoiled only child. But after realizing her POWAHS, she decided to pretend she was going to a specialized boarding school and left home with their approval.

Skills: -Will edit later-
1. Mabufula - Inflicts a moderate amount of Ice damage to all enemies. (Ice Attack)
2. Mighty Swing - Inflicts a moderate amount of Slash damage to one enemy. (Slash)
3. Double Fangs - Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage x2 on one enemy. (Phys)
4. Dia - Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally. Can be used in the field. (Heal)
5. Mind Slice - Inflicts a moderate amount of Physical damage with a chance of Confusion on all enemies. (MA)
6. Tarukaja -Boosts an ally's damage for 3 turns.
7. Kill rush - Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to 3x on one enemy.
8. Bufudyne - Inflicts a large amount of Ice damage on one enemy.

Don't worry to the watchers who watch me for furry adorable dragons! 8D I'll be posting the PDA comics after the first one in scraps, so if you don't want to see them just unwatch the scraps.

PDA - Persona dA, a OC league.
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