Whisper Attack progression Picture

Since I took a nap the other day, I stayed up until 3am, fortunately struck with an inspiration to draw something worthwhile; the result was a similar picture to my Brooklyn doodle (because I just fucking love drawing that "You-came-to-the-wrong-neighborhood-motherfucker" pose & those claws) of my "Gargoyles" fan-character, Whisper. She's a young member of Clan Wyvern (in a rare case of her mother going into heat late, Whisper is biologically 2 years younger than the trio, and therefore most of her rookery siblings), and originally she was planned to be Brooklyn's mate/crushee, but I'm getting tired of always making my fan characters love interests, so if I ever get to fully fleshing out the fanfic I might make her a close friend or cousin.

Anyway, Step 1: the pen sketch; basically just a bunch of scribbles that become a little more defined if I like the way the overall drawing is coming out. Lines go all over the place and don't have to be exact in terms of anatomy or detail.

Step 2: flat colors. A lot of times, when I'm not in the mood to sit there and carefully draw everything with colored pencils, I'll use markers as a flat base. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for copics *cries in a corner* so I have to make due with crayola markers. Normally, I have a 50-pack at my disposal, but right now I only have a 20-pack, which, thank goodness, had pretty much the right colors I needed. I left the hair blank, as no marker was the right color (they were too yellow---Whisper's hair is more beige with yellowish highlights, rather than straight yellow), and I wanted to make the eyes really pop out.

Step 3: colored pencil overlay. Pretty much a whole bunch of layers of different colored pencils, usually starting with a dull or brighter color to help flatten the marker streaks, then going over it with darker pencils. For her skin, I used a greyish-pink color, as well as magenta and some dark purple. Everything else was basically layered with the darker versions of the original marker colors.
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