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Info About the girl up in front:
Feng Chou 周芬
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Likes: cakes, anime and manga+ Japanese subculture, Chinese mythology, knotting, little accessories, when things goes as she planned
Dislikes: losing
Personality & Basic Settings:
Her personality is actually really bad, but her morals were pretty good. Feng is the kind of person that will do all kinds of things in order to achieve her goal. It's a good thing that her goal are usually harmless to people. In order to have their things to go with her way, she schemes a lot. Putting her personality aside, he is a very VERY smart girl.

In school, she acts like a very normal girl. And... is a rotten girl. She is pretty crazy about the Japanese sub-culture like how many other girls were. She have a very close friend (the one in the back in the picture) that shares another interest she had. They like to collect some little small things. Feng likes to collect all kinds of bracelets and amulets from different temples or weird shops.

She was raised in a very traditional family. Her parents and grandparents had passed her down many knowledge of Chinese tradition and mythology. Feng is also really interested in that field herself. She is also very good in that kind of knowledge as well.
Her interest and her eager personality results in Feng going around, finding some people around her that have some "special ability" revolving around the supernatural things she see.

Feng herself doesn't have any specific badass skills or anything like that. She can be able to see spirits, that'll be the part she's naturally born different from other people. In order to have herself stay on the play with all those crazy mythical things, she uses her knowledge and her collection of amulet. She is smart enough to identify and figure out the most efficient way to deal with all kinds of troubles. Some of her amulets and bracelets came from some 'weird shops', and Feng is a careful shopper. She have a keen eye on identifying some 'special items' and collect them... to use them in special occasions.

Another special skill she have, is to use the Chinese knots she made. She tie lots of Chinese knots on her free time. Her knots seem to be able to have some effects like amulets to bring peace and success to things. And, turns out just having the magic of itself to repel against things that are getting in her way.

Extra Information on Ability:
Chinese knots itself is not some 'magical things'. They are form of art passed down in the Chinese culture that reaches as far back in prehistoric China. Recent days the art can still be seen around Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and hopefully some place in mainland China.
The knots comes in many different ways and different combination, creating different meanings of good wishes inside.
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