Sea Reaper V 3.1 Picture

Sea Reaper

Affillation: Pirate, formerly French
Class: Third Rate Ship of the Line
Captain: Greyhound

(34) 24 Pounders (gundeck) (28) 12 pounders (maindeck) (10) 9 pounders (forcastle and quarterdeck) (2) 6 pounders (half deck) (8) long range chase guns (4 at bow, 4 at stern) (6) morters (Third Deck) (1)Long Tom (Third Deck) multipe swivle guns (various places along rails)

The Sea Reaper, was origonally built in France for a French Nobleman, whose father bought him a commission in the Royale Navy and christianed, 'La Reine des Mers'. She was built to suit the Nobleman's vanity, and as such, was built with several unusual features that he liked on other ships. She was built by Master shipwrights from different Nations, all bringing their Knowlege to bare. The Dutch master, made her shallow draft, while another, widened her beam to make her more stable in the sea. A spaniard added a fourth mast that made her as fast as any frigate.

Another one of the unique features is the crescent moons on the yards, these were blades to cut through another ships rigging, and prevent them from boarding, or from escaping being boarded. There was an additional deck at the stern, dubbed the 'third deck' by greyhound. It, and the half deck were only the total high of one deck. and as a result, the distance between the quarter, half, and third was hald the hight of any other, and all doors belowdecks were slightly raised, and had stairs giong below. The door to the Captain's cabin is one of these and is reachable from the third deck, so the captain cn be on the bridge to command, as soon as he is on deck.

Mounted on the third deck were six morters and a Long Tom. The Quarter Galleries are two turrets and a small chamber reachable in the cabin, but with ornate windows with circles of stained glass in their centers. The circles of stained glass have scenes from Roman, aztec, egyptian and Christian mythology spacifically pertaining to war and the sea., as well as images of sea devils syrens, and other nautical mythology, not to mention sea battles and These qurter galleries jutted out from the hull, with balconies wraped around the chamber in the cabin. There were also balconies at the stern, though they were not connected to those on either side of the hull. The roofs of the turrets and balconies/quartergalleries were pained red, with gilded trim.

When Greyhound siezed the ship, as an illicit bargain with Governor De Ogeron of Tortuga to 'Deal wit a meddling nobleman' she was extensivly refit, and as a lucky outcome of a bet with the Governor of Tortuga, he paid from his pocket the cost to refit her with the fallowing features. The figurehead was an image of the sea reaper itself, a skelatal mermaid, holding a trident and wearing a cloak, beneath it's cloak, were two syrens brandishing cutlasses, with two sea serpents wrapped about their tails and fins. The rails on the main deck are in fact gun loops, with the bulkheads going about neck hight. The gunports on the main deck, or higher, have gold wreaths surrounding them, and all the cannons on the ship are decorative, yet deadly, long range bronze guns.

The red strip along the gundeck, has gold carvings of curlycues and skulls in it, while the red stripe above, part of the same line as the rail mentioned in the above paragraph, has gold scallop shells alternated with curly cues. all the statueary on the ship, is either mermaids/syrens, skeletons or a combination of the two. these are most noticeable, on the verticle edges of the octigonal turrets at the stern. There are also statuary of fgiends of the ocean, and mythilogical characters of Roman, Egyptian, voodoo and Aztec origins. These figures are small, but fine. they also feature on the bow as verticle supports of thetrim just behind the figurehead, and no two are the same.

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