The Distant Ones Picture

man we are kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel for my backlog, heh heh heh

...oh god must draw faster

So! An old-ish assignment where we had to create a design for a playing card using Illustrator. Naturally, I dived into it and rolled about giggling about Egyptian gods and eye symbolism and whatnot. And then as I rolled around, Illustrator took a bead on my ribs and gave me a swift, spiteful kick.

(Our relationship never quite recovered.)

But here we are, Horus and Set swirling around in a dramatic fashion. And here is a [link] which tells the story of their epic battle of epicness! (I honestly never much cared for Horus, though. Yes, yes, rightful king, avenge your father and take your place in the circle of life and such, BUT. Anybody who cuts off his mom's head in a fit of youthful rage is kind of a douche in Sam's book.)
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