Dangan Ronpa - Sprite Edits (OPEN) Picture

(Image is not mine, it's from Tumblr by a amazing artist)

Hey, you want a character in the style of Dangan Ronpa, or want a edit of an already-existing character from the series?
Then this is the place for you!

I have SAI (Version 1.1.0, to be exact), and want to practice sprite art....By editing Dangan Ronpa sprites.

There are a few rules though,so read them before you make a request to me.


+ If a particular sprite is already made, then I will not make it. Look everywhere you can think of to make sure it isn't already made by someone.

+ I will do basically ANY sprite....as long as it isn't hentai. Swimsuits or clothing that is see-though is allowed as long as the sprite has a Barbie Body (no nips or private parts).

+ I'M NOT THAT GOOD. At least, not yet. I just got SAI again, and the only thing I did was a Mcgee Alice Line art thing that I still have to finish (you can see it in my gallery). I will do shading & editing to the sprite, but in the future I might experiment with my own style as well as do some more Line Art coloring. My best skills are in sprite/pixel art, so I'm trying to branch out a bit to try new art styles.

+ Just ask me. Really, I won't make fun of you for asking me something. Any question is plausible here....but don't be a Troll or a D***K about it. If you are, I will block your comment right away like it's Spam. And yes, I am a Brony so don't bash me for it.

+ I will do my own edits, including MLP and other things. So if I post one, whether it be a request or my own edit, you can use it as long as you give credit & link back to me.

+ These are FREE, as I'm just practicing using SAI and the art comes from Dangan Ronpa. I do not want any prophet from this, and I give credit to the creators.

NOTE: I am planning to do a lot on my own....check the list. The order depends on when I'll do it, or I might just skip around a bit if I feel like it. But my 1st is my Mascots.

~My Sprite Edits~

My Mascots - In Progress

MLP Mane 6 - In Progress

MLP Princesses - In Progress

MLP Genderbend - In Progress

MLP Apple Family - In Progress

MLP Pie Family - In Progress

MLP Discord x Discorded Ponies - In Progress

MLP Gala - In Progress

MLP Switched Cutie Marks - In Progress

MLP Equestria Girls - In Progress

MLP Fillies - In Progress

MLP Background Ponies - In Progress

MLP Youtuber Ponysonas - In Progress

Youtubers - In Progress

Homestuck - In Progress

Law And Order: SVU - In Progress

House - In Progress

American Mcgee Alice (1 x 2) - In Progress

Based On Foods/Colors - In Progress

School Cliques - In Progress

IRL Me x Family x Friends - In Progress

Greek Mythology - In Progress

Holidays - In Progress

Herostuck (My Homestuck series) - In Progress

Attack On Titan - In Progress

Digimon IRL (My Digimon Series) - In Progress

Switched Minds - In Progress

To End All Worlds - In Progress

Disgaea Series - In Progress

Sailor Moon - In Progress

Fan Senshi - In Progress

Anima Warriors - In Progress

Gaia Online - In Progress

Subeta - In Progress

Digimon (All Series) - In Progress

Creepypasta Characters - In Progress

My Candy Love - In Progress

Adventure Time - In Progress

PASWG - In Progress

Ojamajo/Magical Do Re Mi - In Progress

Magical Academy - In Progress

Pretty Cure (All Series) - In Progress

Medabots Human - In Progress

PPG / PPGZ - In Progress

Soul Eater - In Progress

Creature Kingdom - In Progress

Gijinku (Varied) - In Progress

AQW - In Progress

Elsword - In Progress

Phantom Of The Opera (Movie Version) - In Progress

Pokemon Human - In Progress

Naruto - In Progress

Bleach - In Progress


Mastermind!Saionji - In Progress - Requested By
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