Samal and the 4 Guardians Picture

Well, they arent really guardians... and I'd appreciate it if you READ ALL THIS!!!

Sorry for posting so many pics at the same time, I just had to post this one because it was one of the several (actually 4...) pics I did over the break and I loved it so much. It has to be one of my faves.

The people in the back? The one in the blue area is Tamashii who used to be the ruler of the Labyrinth before he committed suicide after Ukiyo's death, the one in the yellow area is Ginryu who was an angel who was banished from Heaven for a thousand years for killing the Ten Sisters of Sanctity (who are now reincarnated as Kashuu and his 9 other brothers, I call them the Keres after Greek mythology because they are polluting spirits) and now he controls the barried between Heaven and Hell (the "bridge if you've ever read the CLAMP series "Wish"); the one in the red area is Shigo, who was killed by Tamashii when he was 21 (for kicks actually. n_n He's actually a few hundred billion years old kinda) and he's the guardian of the Dead (welcomes spirits to heaven or hell) cuz he's actually dead in the first place;and the one in the green area is Kashuu, who is technically the Guardian of the Spirits because he was the first born in his clan. The Guardian of Hell would be in there too if he wasnt killed by Freyan.

I did this with Copics and watercolor markers. I forgot Samal's knee things... (shoots in head) and I did the BG's and the others' clothes in oil pastels and I kinda did a HORRIBLE JOB ON THAT. The ribbons on Samal's staff were confusing to do because they went all over the place, lol. It took about an hour and 15 minutes probably because I screwed up so much w. the pastels. Well, enjoy and NO STEALING MY STORY PPLZ!!!!!
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