BPRD Recruit DSC 2012-01-08 Picture

A B.P.R.D recruit for the Daily Sketch Challenge. A original character made up for the Hellboy universe. Being a big Hellboy fan I couldn't pass up a chance. I couldn't really come up with anything cool.

- Done in 60 minutes, once again I couldnt keep track of time, hand and messed up leg. I've never drawn a gun before so it ended up a Liefield-esqe lopsided rifle.

Character Profile

Name: Raven Black
Age: 25
Nationality: Native American / Japanese
Place of Birth: Peace River, Alberta Canada

Personality: Quiet and reserved Raven takes a job with a light hearted and straight forward attitude, she listens to her superiors but isn't afraid to speak her mind. She has a tomboyish persona when she gets to know people.

- Expert marksman / sniper
- Expert hunter
- Expert tracker
- Well versed in native American spiritual arts, mythology.
- Well versed in Cryptology.

- Able to see and sense spirits.


- Raven Black was raised on an Indian reservation in Alberta Canada, her father died during the first Iraq war, her mother along with her grandfather raised her. Her grandfather trained her to become a medicine woman, expecting her to take a place as one of the reservations spiritual healers. However she was always been interested in more boyish activities such as hunting and fishing. After B.P.R.D agents were dispatched to Alberta Canada in order to investigate a series of strange murders and disappearances, she was contacted to help with the investigation, which later turned out to be a Wendigo spirit. Afterwards she requested to join the agency.
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