Attack on Titan OC: Hydra Solisk / The Flame titan Picture

Name: Hydrin Solanski aka Hydra solisk
Nationality: Ukranian
Age: 57 yrs old (stopped aging at 25)
Gender: Female
Race: Human / *Alpha type Titan-shifter
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 131 lbs
Build type: Athletic
Family members: Father Latnur Solanski (is now a striped titan), Mother(deceased), Older sister Valga Solanski
Personality: Survivalist, exploitative, inquisitive, assertive, and intolerant of big people picking on little people. She hates walls and hates titans even more, expresses joy only when hunting, fishing and killing titans.
Hydra comes off as the cold scary type of person you just don't want to cross let along talk too. This is in stark contrast to the fact
Hydra is overtly friendly and gets along with many people easily. She is a rather tall women standing little over 6 feet and stares eyes to eye with most men. For this some have made jokes about he being a titan in disguise, a joke she awkwardly finds ironically funny.
once she even was playing with some local children, chasing then around a fountain rawring and threatening to eat them.
past her size the most notable thing about Hydra is her strange name and thick accent. Which can be described as coming off sounding like a stereotypical russian.
She had rose red hair and fair skin with Icy blue eyes.
She wears a green long t shirt under a red corset with tan pants and parts of a harness she uses as a belt. She has just the sword attachments from the 3d maneuvering gear which she clams belonged to an old boy friend who was eaten by a titan.
She has only been in the wall sence the attack on trost and claims to be a refugee from maria.

Hydra Solisk is a naturally born titan shifter who inherited her ability from her father Latnur. Hydra comes from a band of people who life outside the walls called grave keepers. A militant group from an underground city called the grave haven, who act as scouts and titan hunters. Using stealth deception and Neckro oil, there own equivalent to the 3d maneuvering gear of there neighbors, the Grave keepers are on the constant search for titan vomit, what they call hairballs.
Neckro Oil is created from titan vomit (bodys and all) and acts like a body lotion. Once it is applied granted you remain completely still titans will not notice you, or regard you as a rotting corpse. The cast of using neckro Oil is after prolonged usage you will turn into a uncontrollable titan at random, and are referred to as titan banded. Those in which the happens too must live out side the grave haven permanently, and can never return as in time they become titans permanently (striped titans).

Hydra like many other children of the Grave keepers was born from a banded parent. Thus from childhood was experimented on to see if she could act as a cure for the striped titans. They where labeled the alpha type shifter's and where trained from an early age to act as solders fighting on the grave havens behalf. An irony as they where themselves forbidden to enter the grave haven.
Hydra first shifted when she was only ten years old, upon learning that her father had failed to check in with the grave keepers.
The first sign that he he became a striped titan, the shift was abrupt and lasted only a few minutes. The heat from hydras titans body as so intense that it left her body covered in burns, which healed rather quickly. From that moment on Hydra was trained as a Grave keeper, tough in all aspects of combat and wilderness survival among titans.
A part of this training was learning how to willingly alter the size of her titan body upon shifting. As part of her graduation Hyrad had metal claws grafted under both of her ring finger nails, allowing her to shift upon clinching her fist hard.
Years later there was a civil collapse among the grave haven and the grave keepers on the issue of the rights of shifters. The argument was that shifters where not allowed human rights as they where not considered completely human.
In order the proved a moot point some of the scientist formulated a proxy serum that would cure the Alpha shifters, and make them human again. This plan only made things worse and riots broke out when the military within grave haven planed to scese the formula to destroy it.
During this confrontation a alpha shifter escaped with the formula and headed west from the grave Haven towards the Citadel, the mythological last refuge of mankind. Hyrda was ordered to give chase and kill the rouge Shifter and return with the formula.

Hydra sat out with ten others and headed due west, following the trail of the rogue shifter for what seemed like years.
Most of her comrades became striped titans and ate the others and had to be killed themselves, the couple that remained returned home believing there mission a failed. Solisk not the type to retreat or give up easy continued to track the rogue by herself.
Nearly being eaten along the way Solisk broke down and started to travel in her titan form.
Wile tracking down the rogue as a titan she thought back on her father her comrades and all those she lost.
Her home was so far behind her now, would she ever see her sister again? Her though became a cloud until she was attacked by a 15 meter titan. It was then she let go of all her pent up rage of how she has been treated and her body grew so hot is let lose flames.
In her travels west Hydra found she could absorb the energy of other titans by eating them, when braking from being a titan she learned that the nackro oil couldn't affect her like it did her father. In time she also formed a 20 meter body that had luminescent eyes, allowing her to travel faster and at night.

It would be another year until she finally lost sigh of the rogues tracks but before her was something she hadn't expected to find.
A massive wall 50 meters high that stretched for miles and miles and miles in both directions.
The Mythological Citadel, the last refuge of mankind was real and right before her. Solisk spent a great amount of time investigating the wall at a distance. As she drempt she would hear vices and see visions of the wall and the people inside, places that she had never seen, town in the mountains outside the wall. She saw the rogue in her dreams with a doctor, sick and dying. He created the serum and it worked but when used of normal humans it has the opposite effect. She would see a group conspire but couldn't understand what they where saying. She would watched in her dreams as they shifted into titans and attacked the wall, waking from the nightmare Hydra began to patrol the wall where she dreamed the attack.
Nothing happened, until the day came where she observed a massive movement of men come from outside the wall, startled she took off to the south and hid from them.
In the morning she returned to finds the wall siege by the colossal titan and the front door broken in.
Hyrda watched as Shiganshina was attacked and was reminded of the true horrors that titans where capable of.
Eventually she tracked down the home where the rogue shifter had died within wall maria. Among the clues left behind was the name Dr. Jäger.
Wile searching for more on this docter Hydra stumbled onto an young couple Rodger and Nina who miraculously survived the wall maria invasion (they lived in the far northern end of maria). She stayed with this couple and acted as there guard agents the titans. At first things where difficult as she didn't speak there language, but they helped her learn to speak the local language.
Sadly one day not long after the titans caught up and ate Rodger wile Hydra was tending to his wife. Despite being by consoling her new found friend, Nina took her own live leaving a note behind for Hydra.
Don't not be sad for me, I left because Rodger needed me. You are strong, and you will survive. Go now and be free. To my friend Hydra, love Nina.
Consumed with eminence guilt and remorse for allowing her new friends to die Hydra once again took on her titan form and went on a titan hunting rampage. During this rampage she came under attack by the military, to her understanding for no apparent reason.
The titans are just as much her enemy and they where theirs, why are they attacking me she has thought?
During the confrontation she locked her eyes on the commanding officer who just stood and watched as she layed waist to many of his solders. As he ordered the surrender and fled, Hydra killed the titans in the aria, fell and began to cry.
she wile in titan form dug graves for all the solders and buried them.
She vowed she would avenge there deaths, and that night she took on a smaller form and launched a surprise attack killing as few as she could and captured there commander. She took him to a tree a few miles out and to his shock reverted to her human form.
She screamed and ordered him to recite all the names of the fallen under his command. When he couldn't remember half of them, Hydra cryed out cutting him for each and every one she had buried then listed off the eight names of the men who died under her command over two years ago when she left Grave haven. Hydra cut off his head and flung it over wall Maria as a sign that his spirit will never know home again.
Hydra would spend more time in human form spying on the solders encampments at night, realizing that some of them where refugees from maria she started to spin the story that she was a refugee herself assuming Nina's identity. She tagged alongside the counter offensive to retake wall maria. Things went badly and she was nearly eaten by a titan, if not for her using the neckro oil and playing dead. However wile doing so she had to painfully watch as the titans took there fill of the defeated.
That night Hydra reassumed her titan form, sought out each one of the titans, beat then to a pulp, and devoured all of them.
Hydra began to understand the desperation of those who lived behind these walls but felt that despite all they had, they weren't doing enough to assure there own survival. She had learned that the counter offensive to retake wall maria cost the lives of over nearly 150 thousend people. Twice the number of those living in the Grave Haven, a population of just 50 thousand.
She came to conclude that because these people have so much. They don't fight the titans nearly as passionately as they can, because even when they lose so much it only effects them vary little.
In her homeland The Grave Haven Just losing 100 people is a big deal, how can there leaders toss away 150 thousand lives.
She grieved over the lives of just two, Rodger and Nina.
Hydra wandered in contemplation, who was to blame, where is punishment to be implemented.
The commanders? The solders? The titans....Ah yes the other shifters. They made this all possible.

Hydra waited and sufficed as she always had, lessening to the faint voices in her head. Most of it was just mindless rambling incoherent and random, except for one voice saying.
"Tomorrow the expedition leaves, the morning after we strike.
She could understand there words now, she could see there faces she knew there names.
B*******t F***r, R****r B***n, A***e L*******t.
I will hunt you down, and I will kill you all!

The day before the attack on Trost Hydra spent all her time up until sunrise searching for the shifters. Assuming they would make an encampment outside the wall the night before there attack. In order to conserve her energy she took on her smaller 3 meter titan form and waited outside the wall. She knew that the attack was coming when she felt to call to all the titans to gather and then he appeared, The colossal titan. Her smaller form would prove to be futile ageist the colossal titan, but her heart on fire she began to set blase of flame to the titans feet. Her efforts didn't seem to hold any effect, until he discarded his body.
Was it because he was facing off agenst Eren, or was it because his feet where on fire, we will never know ~_^.
As he made his way out of hos own smoke B*******t was cast in the light of two bright eyes beans, Hydra had set her sights on im and began to made chase. Tearing theru the hole in the gate and eagerly reaching out to grab the now human size shifter and crush him to death. He was equipped with 3d maneuvering gear and managed to rally the city defenders to his ade, as he fled Hydra.
She suddenly was facing off agenst several solders at once, and not wanting to needlessly burn a bunch of solders again Hydra did her best to get around a bunch or people wile protecting her neck and dispatch her titan form.
Emedetely after this she was able to lose the guards and found herself swept into the crowd making way towards wall rose.
Hydra accepted the the truth.
For now she will live inside the walls, she will find the three shifters and kill them one by one wile they sleep.

ide write more but My hands are tired...
Too be continued.

Attack on Titan universe Eren Jager, Dr jager, belong to Hajime Isayama

Hydra Solisk is my OC for attacking on titan, as are the striped Titans, Grave haven, and grave keepers my conseots for the universe.
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