Athena's memories Picture

More warm up doodles. Athena dressed as a Mycenaean warrior on her way to Olympus. The girl is of course Pallas, her dead childhood friend. The other is her very earliest memory; Prometheus trying to calm her down after her birth (yes, it's supposed to be bloodstains on his clothes). She doesn't remember who he is, though, or how she was born.

I always thought that this story should take place during the Mycenaean period (ca 1600-1100 B.C.E.) or possibly at the beginning of the Dark Age (ca 1200-800 B.C.E.), but it does lead to certain problems if Athena is supposed to have lived in Libya before she arrives at Olympus. The Greeks didn't found colonies in Libya until the Archaic Age (800-480 B.C.E.). Though of course, some of the gods could have lived there anyway. This is fantasy after all.

Or I could change her birthplace, since there were many places in ancient times claiming to be the birthplace of the goddess. By the river Triton in Boeotia, for instance.

I'm soon done with the script. It goes slowly forward.
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