Hetalian Hamlet Poster (Preview of Play) Picture

... And the play is announced.
So here's my fan-made poster of the Hetalian Hamlet.
So since I'm both a huge English nerd and a Hetalia nerd, this combination could just take over a lot of my time. And this play is just brilliant, and with just the right countries playing the right characters, it could just be (almost) as awesome as Prussia.
Included are the countries I cast as the characters in Hamlet, with Hamlet as Denmark (obviously), SwedenXFinland (XD) as the King and Queen, Prussia as the Ghost, Norway as the Prince of Norway (Fortinbras), and more countries playing what I thought would fit in terms of appearance, purpose, and personality.
So for all you English, History, and Hetalia fans out there, I present you with the upcoming play of Hamlet. Note that it'll just be the script (with actions), just like the play itself. And I won't confuse anyone with Shakespeare's confusing English, 'cause that's too cruel. I'm not going to torture you with any "thou's", "thy's", and references to unknown Greek mythological references (sorry Greece, that's just how my game's played.)
Also, I might throw in more of their personality, but won't affect the plot or intentions of the play. For example, Switzerland is playing France's servant. Of course, in friggin' Hetalia, Vash would go all Swiss badass on the place and shoot France if he mentions anything about obeying anyone. But for the sake of the play, he does whatever part is assigned to him, but he'll include some of his aggressive and pensive personality to go along with it. At least, I think so. Oh well. XD
So everyone, I hope you enjoy the Hetalia version of Hamlet. The Acts and scenes will be listed at the bottom of the description section, under the actual scene.
I'll try to update A.S.A.P. (or whenever I have free time), since in AP Lit, we're reading Hamlet right now and it's my fun way of studying the plot and whatnot.
. . .
I hope it's entertaining, suspenseful, and heartstopping!! Please leave a comment and fav if you like it or want to suggest anything for upcoming scenes~!

. . .

Ye 'ole Poster (Preview of Hamlet):
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