Fight to the death Picture

Because I didn't want to do my report. And I wanted to draw me a fight wit some BLOOD! D: Messy sketch that got /somewhat/ cleaned up.

Experimenting with some new techniques.

Both characters are real mythical creatures, as in from actual mythology.

The Dragon of Ethiopia and India-"The Dragon of Ethiopia and India is the largest of all earth Dragons... the swift dragon of the mountains has golden scales, a bushy beard, and a tall crest the brightness of fire... It kills with the strength of it's tail... the Dragon preys on the elephant... When the elephant falls onto it's attacker, both animals die in the struggle. Within the dragon's head is a shining gem that cures all diseases. Also, anyone wearing the jewel on the left arm becomes invincible."

The Yale (which you've seen before)- " One of the many strange animals of Ethiopia and India , the Yale is remarkable for it's horns. This creature is tawny or black, is the size of a horse, and has the tail of an elephant, the jaws of a boar, and long sharp horns that it can swivel in any direction. When the Yale is attacked by man or beast, it points on horn forward like a lance, and the other backwards, out of harm's way. If the thrusting horn if damaged in battle, it turns backward and the second horn rises to take it's place... Travelers lucky enough to damage both of the Yale's horns escape with their lives."

Art (c) Me
Excerpts (c) The book of Dragons & other mythical beasts By Joseph Nigg

Should I label this mature?

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