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A revision of the installment of my fan made series, Man of Steel + Vampire, which introduces the girl who can split into three, Triplicate Girl. It was formally known as Duo Damsel but I changed it because I wasn’t satisfied with the original.

Far off in the Milky Way galaxy, there exists a unique planet called Cargg, whose inhabitants known as the Carggites have developed a unique ability. The planet has a complicated orbit around three Suns, an orange sun, a white sun and a blue sun; the continuous exposure to ultraviolet radiation has caused plants on Cargg to grow to be the most beautiful in the galaxy. The triple the amount of ultraviolet solar radiation has also caused the Carggites to develop the power of bio-fusion, allowing them to split into three bodies. The Carggites triplicates all possess the exact same emotions. The Carggites are a peaceful race and do not know much about their past. However this story is about one special Carggite.

Enter Luornu Durgo, a scholar of Cargg who attempts to uncover the origins of her people’s existence. However she is told by her peers that this whole investigation of hers is just a waste of time, she has been searching all over Cargg for 8 years for any sign of origins and hasn’t found anything . But Luornu isn’t going to give up so easily. One night during one of her investigations deep within the mountain, she comes across a large hole. After descending down the whole she discovered what looks to be some sort of ancient dome with an entrance that has a shield with an ‘S’ in the center of it. Once she finds a way inside, Luornu accidentally activates the domes power drive causing a message recording to play. The message is from a Scientist named Kem-El from the planet krypton. He conducted an experiment which involved seeding the planet with three Sun, with a group of metagenetically-engineered humanoids and see how they would survive in the planets over radiated atmosphere. Instead of the radiation killing them the humanoids developed biofusion thanks to a bunch of units of heredity inside them called “metagenes” which Kem-El gave them. This surprises Luornu realizing that she and her people were created by a Kryptonian scientist. After finding the answer to her questions, Lournu decides that she should leave Cargg tomorrow and seek out her creators.

The next day, Lournu has left her home planet in search for the planet krypton. While traveling she uncovers a transmitted message that is from a descendant of Kem-El named Kal-El. The message goes on saying that Krypton has exploded by its unstable core and that Kal was sent to the planet called Earth as an infant to survive Krypton’s extinction. After listening to the message the female Carggite now decides to seek out this Earth by triangulating the message’s origin in search of her creator’s last descendant.

Meanwhile on earth, Clark Kent (Kal-El/Superman) has been thinking about what Nura Nal (Dream Girl) Said about the future invasion and decides to go to the library to try and take his mind off it. He starts reading a book about an old Japanese legend which involved Triplet sisters who turned into birds did so because of their love for a man who couldn't choose between them. Clark thought was silly thinking how three sisters would fall in love with the same man. Then again he thought it isn’t any different to how his girls keep giving him attention. Moka and her friendly nature; Clark’s cousin, Karen Starr (Power Girl) and her massive bust size; Diana (Wonder Woman), and her wisdom; Kurumu (Star Sapphire), with her lustful personality; Koriand’r (Starfire), and her Bubbly and cheerful personality; or Orchid Blume (Doomsday), with her gentle and Extreme cuteness and sweetness. After thinking about the comparisons, Clark sighs and goes back to reading his book.

Meanwhile, after finding earth, Luornu’s ship has lands in a forest, outside of the barriers tunnel. She believes within that tunnel is where Kal-El’s message originated from, and decides to investigate.

Back with Clark, Moka, Karen and the others have joined Clark in a library to figure out what their mythological project could be about. When all of a sudden, a voice over the intercom asks Clark to report to the nurse’s office. After leaving to go to the nurse’s office with the girls following behind, Clark is wondering what he did to get sent to the nurse’s office.

Once arrives he is surprised to see Mikado Ryouko (Heart Healer) talking with another girl. The girl looks to be as old as Clark is. The unique thing about this girl is that hair is three different stripes of color: Orange on her right, white in the middle, and purple on her left; her outfit s like the outfits that the other alien girls wear except it has the same colored strips on it with a three colored triangle on her chest. After the girl noticed him she asks Clark if he is Kal-El, which Clark says yes to. Then the exited girl introduces herself as Lournu Durgo a Carggite from the planet Cargg. She then explains to the kryptonian how she discovered an ancient laboratory, hidden within the mountains of her home planet, and discovered that Kal-El ancestors were the creators of her people who gave them the ability to biofuse into three triplicates. Then the Carggite demonstrates her ability by splitting into three separate triplicates, each with a different color: an orange one, a white one, and a purple one. This surprises Clark, but some of the girls get grossed out because it looked like bacteria splitting. Then the three Lournu triplicates all surround the Teenage Kryptonian and start hitting on him, and ask I’m if he is taken. However the girls aren’t too pleased to see that there boy toy is being stolen from them by this chick that can split into three.

The rest of the day, the girls show their new Triplicate Girl the place where she will be staying and thanks to her biofusion ability, Lournu was able to Learn how to cook, shown where her class is and shown where her dorm room is all at the same time. Clark is really suprised that this ability is quite unique, realizing that Lournu can send one of her triplicates to class while the other two can do other stuff like cooking ad going to the campus store to buy groseries. Knowing that thing are gettng intresting, Clark walks back to his dorm room, in hopes for other amazing aliens to arrive.

Later that night Mikogami is visited by two other people. A familiar pink haired woman enters and suggests that a team she is putting together just might help the monsters solve their secret coexistence problem.


· I know this story is a little short but there really isn’t much info on Cargg to go along with story ,so sorry if it is bad.

· The idea of the book Clark was reading came from a manga called Futakoi. The original story involved twins but i changed it to triplits because i wanted it to resemble Tripliate Girl in a way.

· I wanted the Carggites to be one of Kem-El’s creations that he created after doomsday.

I'm used to being outgunned ... but never outnumbered.

- Triplicate Girl

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I don't own DC Comics or Rosario+Vampire.

update - 10/24/2014 - I made the combined girls breasts a little bigger because someone pointed out that the triplicates had bigger breasts and I clearly wanted to show thay have the same bust size.

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