Jedi on the prowl Picture

Hello again. Well, here is another Jedi type of illo for you to peruse. Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood, as most in my age group will attest, and I often think about different stories and such taking place in that universe. Not necessarily stories concerning the Skywalker clan really, but just within the mythology of that Galaxy, far, far away. Anyway, this is a Jedi Female getting ready to face off with some Sith baddie in a forest on a far off world, I guess. She does have that battle grin on, not typical for a Jedi I guess, but it gives her some character, so why not.

My usual techniques were applied, and I feel it came out pretty well. There is some stuff I could probably stand to tighten up or alter, but I will just keep plugging away and see where it takes me.

I hope you enjoy, and any comments / critiques are welcome. Thanks and take care.
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