All's Fair in Love N' War 06 Picture

This is a part of an English prpject I did junior year. We had to read a novel and draw a picture of a scene in the story. My novel was called All's Fair in Love and War which was based on Greek mythology. The main character is Athena, the godess of War and Wisdom. This was the fight scene between Medusa and Athena, which took place deep in forest. Medusa was actaully a young girl who got raped by Poseidon, Athena's uncle. Poseidon is basically a horny mofo who wants to marry Athena for the throne (yea, Athena's the princess). When Poseidon raped Medusa, she took on a monsterous form, and want about killing and eating people in the village for revenge. Athena then joined Perseus, a warrior and set of to destroy Medusa.

Well, this pic was real fun to draw and color, but the background sucks
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