Request: Power Rangers: Herculean Might Picture

Request from anw-rev
I hope you like it. As you didn't give the team a name, I gave it one that seemed to fit.

Request copied and pasted below:

I need a mythological animal-themed team, but different than the usual ones

They are from Greek myth, and actually those beasts defeated/killed by Hercules in his Twelve Labors

Since I only have five spots, I choose:
Red (female)--Hydra Dragon
Grey (male)-Nemean Lion
Blue (male)-Cretan Bull
Yellow (female)-Mare (man-eating horse) of Diomedes

Even though the theme is Greek myth, I don't want a toga-like or Greek soldier/helmet
I need them to be beast-oriented, with solid colors ala Gekiranger/Jungle Fury
No belts, and symbol of respective myth animals on their chests
They have stripes indication their position in the team, with five stripes for leader, and one stripe for Yellow.
I was going to have the helmets look like the creature's head, with the visor in place of their eyes

made with a modified ameyal template

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