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These three happened by accident. I was drawing in the margins of my primate evolutionary biology notes, and one by one, I drew these three stitchpunk faces. I liked them enough that I went on to scribble what their bodies would look like, and played around with other aspects, and before I knew it I had more OCs on my hands. Originally there were four of them, but the last one, while I liked the design of the head, couldn't be matched to a body that looked like it belonged with the head. So it got scrapped before I could even decide what gender to make it.

I wanted these three to have a sort of 'theme' that united them - and that theme wound up being 'cyclopia' - essentially, having just one eye. I know Hagen there technically has three eyes, but because the other optic on his head is severely reduced in size, and that both this tiny optic and the one on his chest cannot see when they emit light, he kinda sorta still falls into that category in my mind.

I named them all after various one-eyed mythological beings, as you can see by the little blurbs next to each of their names on the sheet. As a result I refer to them as 'the cyclops trio.' They're in a different AU than my other characters, and these three also don't interact at all with the canon cast.

Name - Arimaspi
Gender - female
Voice - Jennifer Tilly [Celia - [Monsters] Inc.]
General Description
Arimaspi is the oldest member of the cyclops trio - but only physically. She's named after a mythical race from Scythia that were constantly stealing gold from gryphons - and a member of this race could be told by the single eye they possessed. Most just call her 'Ari', as it's easier to remember than her full name.

Her name suits her, as she is always scurrying around and snatching up anything that catches her fancy. She once tried to pick up something that was half-embedded in the ground, not knowing that she was standing on top of a very thin roof to a hollow space in the ground - when she finally wrenched it free, the roof collapsed, and she fell down and broke the upper part of her left arm. She now wears half of a nail as a splint to keep it in place.

Ari is a mellow individual. Even though she has the same temperament of a carefree girl, she has a morbid side to her that often surprises and unnerves others once she shows it. Hagen could do nothing but stare in shock and repress the urge to retch the first time she began to raid a human corpse for any 'goodies', as she called them, even going as far as to crawl inside of its clothing in search of hidden pockets, and half-crawl inside its mouth to check for any gold tooth fillings. Nothing seems to scare her, or gross her out. She has been forbidden from getting within two feet of any kind of corpse that still has flesh on it, human or otherwise, as she has tried to harvest actual human body parts, such as bits of skin to tan into a 'nice leather', and fingernails to make armor. The creepiest part about this is how enthusiastically she clambers around corpses, peering inside orifices, sometimes singing or humming to herself as she does so.

Once you get past that delightful little quirk, Ari is a fun person to be around. She seems to get along with most individuals, though people that give her a hard time about her interests get a taste of her bad side.

Name - Hagen
Gender - male
Voice - Temuera Morrison [Jango Fett - Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones]
General Description
Hagen is the mental eldest of the cyclops trio, as well as the wisest. He acts as a sort of father figure towards Ari and Jian, despite being physically younger than both of them. He is named after a Burgundian warrior from German and Norse legend, who was depicted as being one-eyed.

For whatever reason, Hagen does not count the eye on his forehead and the eye on his chest as 'extra' eyes. This might be because while these two optics can emit light, he cannot see out of them while the lights are on. He can only see out of them as long as he doesn't have to turn on their lights, and they're set up in a manner that he cannot have just one optic light on at a time - they're either both on, or both off.

Hagen has taken it upon himself to be the protector of the group, and as a result he's got a number of scars - both from fights with machines and from mishaps he's had to rescue the other two from. For example, when Ari got herself trapped in a hole with a broken arm, Hagen tore open his leg on a protruding piece of metal when he slipped after he hoisted Ari up on his shoulders for Jian to pull out the rest of the way. He's protective of both of them, and is much more stern with Ari than he is with Jian. Jian seems to play the role of the baby and is often treated to Hagen's better side.

Hagen isn't as serious as he looks. He has a subtle, wry sense of humor that usually manifests in small, off-handed comments about things.

Name - Jian
Gender - female
Voice - AnnaSophia Rob [Leslie Burke - Bridge to Terabithia]
General Description
Jian is the smallest of the cyclops trio - both physically and mentally, though there are some days when Ari acts more childish than she does. She's named after a mythical Chinese bird that allegedly had one eye and one wing.

Jian is very quiet. She has an air of contentedness about her, in addition to wearing a small smile most of the time, so despite her silence she doesn't exactly come across as sad or particularly withdrawn - she will interact with others, and is very polite when she does so, but for the most part she's not the type to actively strike up a conversation with another person.

Jian is the 'doctor' of the trio. She's pretty good at sewing - she modified her hood herself so that it had a downwards 'hook' on it with some beads dangling from the end - and often winds up being the caretaker for her sister and father figures. Almost all of Hagen's scars were stitched up by her. They're not pictured here, but Jian typically packs a small spool of thread in a sling very similar to the one that Ari has attached to her bag; and she also carries a sewing needle that was broken less that two centimeters under the eye, where Hagen filed the broken end into a point for her so she could use it to stitch things up.

Jian has a big "daddy's girl" relationship with Hagen, despite their physical ages.

Arimaspi, Hagen, and Jian are mine,
9 and stitchpunks are Shane Acker's.
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