sei Picture

ok so here's Sei
shes the main human of my group of six monsters,
just moved into the city and started the new school when she met kale on her first day, those two became instant friends alon with her teacher,
in the human world shes a normal size of 5" 6 but when she goes to the monster realm with kale, he places a spell on her that makes her grow to 90 ft whenever shes in his realm so she wouldnt get squashed and wouldnt need to be carried everywhere,
and artistic girl who loves to draw and bake but can be a bit shy round new faces sometimes, shes also easy to anger on some subjects too and isnt a afraid to raise her voice at vaswan whenever he is in his normal naga form in her world,
shes often seen as creepy from her previous peers for her love of mythology and monsters so she often surprises the monsters who expect her to scream when she sees them, especially kales potions supplier XD

anyway hope you like it
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