The Fae Stone Picture

Credits: Used plenty of Lazy Brushes by vesner for the texturing of ground, stone, trees.
Program: Photoshop CS6
Time: About 10.8 hours

In the rainy Kingdom of Abergwaun there rests the village of Broghain. A quaint little place it largely attains it's income from sheep herding or growing crops and vegetables. Near the settlement a grove has been kept untouched and inside the grove a standing stone points towards the sky. Each solstice, right before sundown, the people of Broghain take offerings of fresh food and alcohol to the standing stone, in order to appease the faes who are believed to be interacting with the mortal world. Once the sacrifices have been committed and the pleas have been made the people abandon the stone and return to their village for a night of celebrations and merryment amongst their own kind, leaving the fair folk to their feast.

Not much else I've got to say about this.
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