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Cecile Flourens

Background Info:

Born the oldest daughter of Edoard & Margarette Flourens, she and her younger sister lost their parents at an early age (she was 15 and her sister 12) but did not live that hard a life, considering her father's younger sister had taken them into her care and raised them to the best of her capabilities.

Cecile liked to read about adventure and traveling and was very curious about exploring the world, so when her younger sister had somehow gotten herself involved in a world of adventure and exploration, Cecile was the first to jump in after her.

The Flourens sisters inherited a large amount of money from their parents and used these funds to finance their journeys. Their main exploits usually involved places and objects which were mythological or undiscovered in nature.

They were later sought after by the esteemed Société Angéliqué, and the two were soon working as members of the society and experiencing all the benefits that came with their exploits.

Since they burst into the scene almost out of the blue, they soon made rivals out of Franz and Fritz Weber, a pair of brothers whos occupation paralleled theirs. Their rivalry was further deepened when the Flourens sisters came to discover the island of Avalon.

Their Goal in life is to discover Ulitma thule and perhaps others of the most mysterious locations of myth.

Height: 5"5
Weaponry & Fighting style: She owns several firearms which she has acquired from her Benefactors and from the Société Angéliqué, her favorite of which being her matchlock Caliver, the Vajra. She is quite agile and knows a bit of gymnastics.

Cecile is chreeful and somewhat flirtatious in nature. She sha a smart, logical head on her shoulders, but isn't so straight-laced.

She also likes to play the part of a demure and refined lady, but knows how to get down and dirty when it becomes time to do her job.


Avalon, Ultima Thule and other mythological places and objects encountered plot-wise are not at all magical but historical. |'D Does that even make sense?

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