The Axehandle Hound Picture

(Dog 189 of 366 Dogs: Dogs in Mythology)

Not so much a mythological beast as a relatively recent piece of American folklore, the Axehandle Hound is nonetheless hilarious and ridiculous enough to earn his place amongst my dogs.

Borne of what is apparently the ancient lumberjack tradition of making up terrible fanciful creatures and then trying to convince other lumberjacks of their legitimacy over the campfire (and this is a sport I really can support), the Axehandle Hound is basically a dog with a head shaped kind of like an axe.

He prowls about during the darkest hours of the night, and if you're not careful he'll sneak into your camp while you're asleep and... wait for it... EAT YOUR AXE HANDLES. OH THE HUMANITY.

You might call him absurd, but Axehandle Hound don't care. Axehandle Hound takes what he wants.
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