Egypt Burning I Picture

The main character here is Shai'nefer, an Egyptian name that means 'good luck'. Her Arabian horse is Jabari, which means 'brave'.

This is the first installment of an Orginal Fiction/Illistration series. I started this long ago and never finished the last chapter. But now that I'm posting it here I will be *forced* to!

I have taken bits and pieces of Egyptian Mythology and made up other bits(most bits) myself. So if you're an Eygptologist...please don't kill me for my lack of research.

For you Stargate fans out there that notice the name 'Abydos', this was actually an Ancient Egyptian Temple of Osiris created after his death at the hand of his brother Set. 'Abydos' means simply home of the idol, and is considerd to be the burial place of Osiris.

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Egypt Burning I

“Where are you?” Shai’nefer sighed.

Horus’s only daughter looked out of the high palace window at the Nile as it glittered in the full moonlight. She had been waiting for hours to hear her love call to her. However the night was completely still.

Shai’nefer lowered her long feathered crest in disappointment. She knew that only truly important business would keep her lover from coming to her. This wasn’t the first time it had happened, but it still hurt when he didn’t show. It didn’t help that they were forced to keep themselves a secret from the Hawk eyes of her father.

A sudden cry of terror in the distance shattered the crisp night air. Shai’nefer turned her own sharp eyesight towards the west. She couldn’t see anything, but the single voice was quickly being joined by many others.

Horus burst into his daughter’s room with a frantic look on his avian face. Shai’nefer gasped fearing that she’d finally been caught. However her father seemed unconcerned by the fact that she was still fully dressed this late hour. Without a word he grabbed her wrist and started pulling her towards the door.

“Father!” Shai’nefer cried in alarm. “What is happening?”

“The city is no longer safe.” Horus snarled.

“The mortals are at war once again?”

“Yes, but that is not the true danger.” Horus pulled his daughter out of her room and lead her down the Grand Stairs. “You must get out of the city.”

“I don’t understand, you’re frightening me!” Shai’nefer said in protest. “We are Gods, what do we care of mortal wars?”

“The war is simply a distraction...Ra is dead.”


“He was murdered in his sleep.”

“But...but only the Lord of the Dead would have the power to do such a thing!”

“Yes, and the Jackals of Anubis are running through the streets right now!” Horus roared. “Murdering any creature with a drop of God blood in their veins!”

“No!” Shai’nefer cried angrily. “Anubis would never do such a thing!”

“Do not argue with me!”

The tone in her father’s voice silenced Shai’nefer. He continued to forcefully lead her out of the palace and down to the stables. His powerful Arabian horse, Jabari, was already wearing a bridle being held by one of their mortal servants. The servant dropped to the ground at the sight of his Gods approach.

Horus lifted his daughter up onto Jabari’s graceful back and handed her the ornate reins. The stallion pawed at the sand nervously.

“Run Jabari, run as fast as you can to Abydos.” Horus pleaded to the horse. “The sprit of Osiris will protect you both there.”

“Fa...” Shai’nefer started.

“Go my child, and know that I will always love you.”

Shai’nefer took a breath to protest however Jabari bolted towards the city gates. Shai’nefer grabbed a handful of his white mane and held on tight. As they cantered through the city they saw panic and fear everywhere. A small army had descended on the city and the normally peaceful citizens struggled to defend themselves. The Gods had always protected the people of this city, but they had troubles of their own at the moment.

Once Shai’nefer thought she’d caught sight of a Jackal, but she convinced herself that it had simply been a starving dog. Jabari didn’t seem to notice anything around him, his hooves pounded against the sand in a fast paced rhythm.

It was amazing how fast the Arabian flew across the moonlit desert sands. In what felt like mere seconds the city, and even the Great Pyramids were dwarfed in the distance.

Shai’nefer’s heart jumped when the anguished cry of a great Hawk tore through the sharp night air. It was a sound so powerful that it could not have been made by any mortal animal. Shai’nefer pulled on Jabari’s reins so hard that he was forced to skid to a stop. With tears streaming down her avian face she turned to see the city of Abu Sir burning.


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