MA App- Mari Picture

Name: Mari

Age: 100

Monster type/species:
Banshee-A female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld.They are also known as a woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. In other mythology like the Scottish Gaelic mytholoy ,she is seen washing the bloodstained clothes or armor of those who are about to die.

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: A old decorative comb with clover and feather designs all over.

Favorite class: Music

Worst class: M.P.E

Current Classes: None

Passed Classes: None

Current Points: 855

Natural weapons: voice and claws

Trained weapons: none at the moment but would like to learn

Weakness: -
- Fire,doesn't do well in the light of fires,for being a banshee she will burst into flames if she makes contact with it.
-Light,not very accustomed to the light of day for being more use to the darkness. But if it were like the sun or a strong light source, it'd make her go blind as well as draining a lot of her energy,making her unable to move.

Major Skills:
-Sonic Shriek: Can be heard at least a mile away. If one is close to her,they'd be paralyzed and will be paralyzed for a short amount of time depending on how close they were and how long they heard the shriek. However, the farther it's heard,the effects weaken up to the point that when you hear it's echo you think it's nothing.
-Levitating: For short periods of time and can only lift up a few inches off the ground
-Shape shifting: Transform into a crow but only for a short time.

Minor Skills: Please also put down up to three less powerful skills or spells that you would like to add.
Transparency: For being a ghost,she can make herself transparent but also for a short about a time.
-Claws: Can be used for some type of self defense but not really
-Venom: Doesn't do much damage really

Personality: A bit timid at times but respects anyone she thinks is great. Obedient to those who deserve her respect and disobedient to those who she thinks doesn't deserve it.Sometimes if she feels like someone might be endanger,she'll be a bit overprotective yet to nervous to actually tell the truth. And to those she trusts, she'll be able to work better with them but unable to work with people she doesn't trust at all. Mari also has a habit of getting lost too as well as misfortune following her around like the black plague. She likes listening,writing and pretty much anything that deals with music or making it,naps,reading, and the moon.A little secret of hers is hugging,cuddling or nuzzling anything fluffy or 'cute'. However, she doesn't like anything too sweet or when one of her books goes missing.

Character's Background:
Ever since she could remember, Mari had been a banshee that warned the O'Briains family about any deaths that would occur to someone of great importance to the family.Unlike other banshees however, she didn't like how she announced each death for the banshee rather sing comforting songs to them.

As time went by,the banshee started to question her role.She almost stopped giving out her famous warning shriek to the family she was suppose to warn.Though,when the family was in mourning,she did sing a happier melody to them.Humans had it easier,at least that was what the girl thought.

Never did she interact with others,afraid that she'll hurt them somehow or of being rejected.Mari was a creature of the night, the daylight just didn't seem to fit her.

Current day and now Mari wants to break away from her duties.A invitation floats in the wind and lands on her hand.Once reading the letter,she sets out for a place called monster academy.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Ex: Mari: *looks up from her book*..he..llo....

Para(AKA Lit):
Ex: Down she walked the dark halls,holding a book in her hands. The blonde banshee sleepily heads towards the quiet lunchroom for a late midnight snack. All day long she was writing and listening to music, trying to find the right inspiration for the new song that was in the making. However, there was another reason why the freshman headed to a place she knew she'd never get any work done. Lonely with a tinge of boredom, Mari wanted to see her friends again...

Roleplay schedule:
Night usually,that's the only free time i get ^^"anyway..On weekdays I'm not really active but on weekends I am.
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