The Planar Ascension Map Picture

There are a few things here that will catch the eye.

First off, let me just start by saying that all symbols were created by me and cannot be used without my approval. A lot of work went into those. Names too.

Examples of previously dumb names now replaced:
Emvoremaal used to be Enturance
Laq'katar used to be simply Altar
Andros Malifect used to be Andromeda
Sylus Romuth used to be Sigil
Rhuop used to be Rhea
Ykanze used to be Pan
Adante Seraph used to be Aphadante
Tyzajeleom used to be Titania

Most of which were changed to more original names, due to copyright (and the true meanings of the words, like rhea, were ludicrous names for worlds). Most others people may recognise as names of constellations, stars, etc - things from 'out there' in space. Hopefully this adds to my mythology - the premise that Earth is the myth, and these worlds, or Realms, are real. You may even recognise Earth on the map, though it's name is subject to change, as are some others on here.

Not all Realms are connected, I know, and this is deliberate. Pandora, for instance, has been cracked open like a coconut. Arcana is intended to be the place everyone goes to when they die, and Solos is the seat of the Gods. I'm not saying anything about Acheron. So don't ask.
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