Some Family Folklore Picture

These are Trolls, 3 Trolls from My Family's Folklore ( From my Father's Side ) The little one is called "Narizinho Encarnado" meaning - Red little Nose. He is the size of a Man, the most stupid one, with big red nose, he is harmless living in caves. The other one Next to him is called Chucas ( pronounced - Kukas ) He is the worse, the Evil one who eats children and all he can get, living in the Dark deep forest. The Bigger one is called Belfas-Zagor, he is huge and crushes Humans, steals cows and pigs from farms to eat them, he is a Mountain Troll.

These 3 trolls were to scare the shit out of the children, sinse we can remember, these were the trolls in the tales of my fathers family side, everytime someone didnt want the children to go somewhere, or if the children didnt want to eat the meals, the adults threatened to call these specific trolls.

The Storys :

Red little nose, there are many of them in fact, living in caves eating roots and bugs, it is rare to see one in the open.

Chucas, those of his kind are few, many woodsmen have hunted them, so their race have been driven out of the lands, they have fled into other places, My grand grand grand father has hunted some of these.

Belfas-zagor, this is the last one of his kind ( we think so because we havent seen no other so far ) There were many in anciant times when the world was still young, but because they were so big and clumsy, they didnt see where they put their feet, they have often fallen in deep lakes and seas and drown and humans often would gather to hunt them down. Maybe they went to a better place, but this one has stayed behind.
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