Loki's Torment Picture

Loki was the fire god in Norse mythology. In the beginning he was merely a mischief maker but as years went by, he progressively grew more and more evil. It was when he guided the blind archer Höðr to shoot noble son of Odin, Balder, with a twig of mistletoe that the gods realised how evil Loki had become. Realising the fury of the gods at the murder of their beloved Balder, Loki changed into a Salmon but was spotted by Odin and caught. To punish Loki, the gods had his son Vali changed into a wolf who then devoured his other son Narvi. They then bound Loki to four rocks using Narvi's intestines, which when the last knot was tied turned a hard as iron. A serpent was placed above Loki's head and its venom dripped onto his face, causing him to squirm and writhe in pain. Loki was to be bound until Ragnarok, the death of the gods, but his faithful wife, Sigyn, stayed by his side with a bowl to collect the poison, however, when the bowl was full, Sigyn had to briefly tip the poison away hence the snake's venom would drip onto Loki's face.
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