Prom Dress Picture

Jen's prom dress! Jen is the model i'v worked with for over 2 yrs now...she's the girl you see in all the sewn clothing photoshoot pictures I have on here. Thanks to her detication and commitment to my vision, she's been a really good sport throughout all the crazy ideas I had.

She's going through her senior year now and deserves something made specifically for her. She loves my portfolio and style aesthetic, so it was really easy working with her to get this design finalized. I took elements that I like, and that she like to make to design a prom dress which is exactly how designer's work with customers.

The inspiration was just mermaids...from movies, and the real-life looking mythological ones. I wanted to take their elegance to a darker place and do an all black gown made of charmeuse. Jen loves corsets, but I didn't want to design a real one, so she has a patent leather insert running down the back which will be gathered and will have satin lacing criss crossing over it. The back is definately where the style comes in with three cascaded hems inserted with the middle one floor sweeping. She also wanted blue in this dress, so her halter strap will be rhinestone studded as well as the edges of the middle cascade.
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