Valentine - Junkyard Faction Leader- DoC Picture

Name: Valentine
A.K.A: "Boss" to his face, often referred to as The White Dog conversationally among faction members.
Breed: Eastern European Shepherd/Mutt x Kuvasz
Height: 30"
Weight: 105lb
Age: 3 1/2
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Altered: No

Faction: Junkyard
Rank: Leader, or "Boss"
Family: None
Mate: None Yet

Color: White. Skin is largely pink, his nose fading to pink.
Defining Features: He wears a red string with a bell attached on his rear left leg from his Romani days. His presence is synonymous with its faint, silvery ring. Valentine has a few small facial scars, but is otherwise extremely clean-cut and almost out of place looking. His ears are large and almost bat-like, and almost always held erect. His coat is thick, long and Kuvasz-like, but straighter. His size and long, luscious tail are also from his Kuvasz half. His eyes, ears, and face take more after the Eastern-European Shepherd/Mutt side.
Accent: He has no detectable accent, but sometimes phrases things like a non-native English speaker. (He's Hungarian originally.)

Personality: Valentine appears very subdued, regal, and soft spoken. He is articulate, intelligent and understated, and behaves like royalty... most of the time. He appears amicable, and even sweet, and is capable of displaying a wide, full range of emotions. However, his eyes are notoriously dead and cold, regardless of his expression. This can tend to set others on edge around him, as you can never really be sure what is truly going through his head. Valentine is physiologically and psychologically incapable of feeling certain positive emotions, and tends to search for things that will bring him pleasure, such as physical comforts, but nothing has worked as of yet. He is, however, given to experiencing sudden and extreme flashes of anger, jealousy, and paranoia. Whether as a cold and calculated decision, or as a reaction when he flies off the handle, Valentine can be incredibly violent. At best, a victim of his can expect to walk away with scars and debilitating injuries, at worst- they can find themselves to be not much more than a bloody smear in his wake. He has very few scruples and seemingly no true sense of empathy, his only moral compass being his own, arguably arbitrary one. He does adhere to his own rules fastidiously, and expects those close to him to not deviate from the "ideals" of the junkyard faction. Despite his inner coldness, Valentine is a socially brilliant leader, a part of his success being his ability to be liked, to garner loyalty, and in cases, to manipulate others.

Pre-Group History: Valentine seemingly came out of nowhere. Upon the disappearance of Grey, the previous leader, Valentine appeared to materialize out of thin air, his merciless fighting skill and disarming guile lead him straight to the top of the Junkyard food chain. His terrifying but magnetizing personality quickly drew a strong and loyal group of higher-ranked junkyard dogs to his side, and he effectively delegates duties and power among them, so that he has eyes and ears everywhere in the junkyard. Because of the initial, regal and benevolent impression he gives off and the fact of his mystery-shrouded arrival, he is thought of almost like a mythological figure, and is even loved by the typically heartless faction members. What most of his faction members don't know, was where he came from. He lived in Hungary in his early puphood with a group of traditional Romani families. They could tell very early on that something was... off about the dog. When an American writer came across Valentine and was instantly enchanted by his beauty, the Romani family that owned him were all to happy to sell him to the American for the equivalent of five dollars. The writer took the young dog to America and Valentine served as a companion and muse for the man. It should have been a perfect life for Valentine... if he was a normal dog. For about a year, it did seem perfect. He lived with the writer in a town not far from Canidale and behaved like the perfect pet, until the guise no longer served him. The writer visited Canidale for about a week, bringing Valentine along. The white dog quickly caught wind of opportunity among the homeless dogs of the town- something he could build, mold, and sculpt into his vision. The night he made that decision, he killed his master. They were walking my the water's edge in the port late at night, Valentine broke the man's neck with a swift bite and twist, and rolled the body into the water. The body was never found, and the single writer with no family from out of town was never missed. He didn't have to do it, it was just easier than the alternative complications. All the man had done for him meant nothing, he felt nothing, it was all just a move on the chess board. Nothing personal. Unlike most of the broken dogs who had lost their homes that had retreated to the streets or the junkyard, Valentine had no terrible past that made him the way he was. He was just born that way.

Group History:

-Valentine replaces Grey as the leader of the Junkyard Faction under mysterious circumstances.
-He meets Ares after hearing about his "pet" project of keeping a rabid dog to do his bidding. Valentine has Ares show him the beast, who he deems too dangerous to let live... so Buster the rabid dog is put down. Gruesomely.
-Valentine commissions Aster to embark on an experimental heist, one that could be a huge solution for the Junkyard's food shortage.


- Junkyard:
Ares: He's a curious mutt, one that I believe has a lot more going underneath that apathetic exterior than he lets on. I have yet to see where he fits into the big picture, but I'm sure there's use in the junkyard for someone of his... demeanor.
Aster: She's smart, enterprising, and a talented thief- if a little mercenary. If we can come to a mutual understanding, I think we could be powerful allies.

Kibbles Count:
December 2014:
Joining: +2
Short Story- Welcome to the New Age: +1
Image- Valentine's Day: +1
January 2015:
Image- The Executioner: +1
RP- Rancor and Wretches: +1
RP- Power Play: +1
MSE- Shipping Meme: +2
February 2015:
MSE- Puppy Meme: +2
Image- The Boss: +1
March 2015:
MSE- Style Meme: +2
Total: 14

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