Who I Am Picture

Yep yep I gathered some of the items that sum me up as a person [not all just some, like...I didn't put music in there which is one of the biggest parts of me, and I didn't put my camera in there cause...I was using it xD and I didn't put any astronomy things or mythological things or any historical artifacts]. Lol actually I was just drawing on my bed while talking to my boyfriend and I looked around as was like "omgz picture time" xD. I'll tell you a little about everything.


Bed: Yes that is my bed! O: I probably spend the most time there then anywhere else xD I love my bed and all my sheets and stuff. And..I like sleeping....a lot.

Cat: ...CAT!!! What do I really have to say? XD It's Taffy <3 my bestest friend eva. She is like my shadow, she follows me everywhere xD Especially when I'm drawing, she LOVES to lay on all my papers and play with my markers...she usually ends up spreading them all over the house DX; Oh and she's a Maine Coon cat, HENCE THE M ON HER FOREHEAD LOL *lamp'd*

Candy: I LOVE CANDY! I buy all this candy then when it's gone I go buy more D8 it keeps me going. And yeah that's ouch bubble gum, best bubble gum in the world, and when I eat all the gum I put real band aids in there, I know I'm dumb.

Binder: That's the binder I keep all my marker/watercolor/art paper in and also WIP commissions and trades and such. It's my art binder <3

Plushies: I love plushies, and these two are VERY important to me. The husky one was a Christmas gift from one of my real good friends *anime-erin omg I love this plush so much it was like the best present ever <33 THANK YOU ERIN! And the other plush that you can't really see is my Necrophilic plush, it's suppose to be =ToxicatedxNeedle 's fursona Necrophilic. Lol I stitched the mouth and the limbs and drew the anarchy sign on her cheek and everything <3

Cinemark Lanyard: My place of employment!! Yes I work at the movie theater if you didn't know and it has become a big part of my life since I basically spend more time at the theater then at home xD I love my job so much so I had to in cooperated that.

Markers: My prisma markers of course! <33 I love my markers so much, I'm still learning all the keys of shading and coloring with them but I have so much fun so it doesn't matter if I'm a pro or not. Also included is my pencil and my micron outlining pen.



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