Not Always As It Seems Picture


She ascended in the elevator, dazed. The turrets had aimed, but not fired. While they had the opportunity to kill her on the spot, they didn't. Instead they hummed a cheerful tune. The notes soon joined to create a full song, including the operatic voice of one of the turrets.
When she reached the top of the elevator's route, the music stopped. A large metal door stood in front of her, and swung open, revealing her to the world she yearned for. Her only friend, the companion cube, appeared at her side.

Now, she was finally free. Free from the power mad A.I. she was forced to cooperate with.
From the friend that betrayed her trust after so long.
From the cold, dark place she called "Home''.

But it was too good to be true.

When they shot her, it was so painless. She didn't even notice her body drop to the ground, covered in blood. A shot to the chest was all it took, and Chell was dead. The last living test subjest was dead.

Because dreams and reality, are not always as they seem.


So, this is for [link] 's contest "Portal 3- What Happened Next?"

Basically, the story goes "In Greek mythology a cornfield is heaven, and you hear singing (the turret opera bidding farewell) and you are accompanied by your best friend, which would be the scorched companion cube."
So I decided to use that theory to inspire my entry.

Thank you, and enjoy!
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