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Top Picture Left to Right: Princess Oriethyia, Princess Psyche, Princess Ariadne and Princess Coronis after she is involved with Apollo and the last one is before she is involved Apollo. This as they are mortals

Bottom pic is after they become Goddesses or in Coronis' case deceased and gone to the Elysian Fields, but the one on the far right is were she she become a goddess after Apollo takes her from the underworld like Dionysus did for his mother. Also the crown that Ariadne has represents the crown Dionysus gave her after they married before he placed it in the stars.

Princess Oreithyia was the daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens and the naiad nymph Praxithea and had 6 sisters and 7 brothers. She became the Goddess of Cold Mountain Winds after Boreas abducted and made her his wife and she became immortal. She was the wife of Boreas the God of the North Wind and by him mother of 2 daughters Chione and Cleopatra and 2 sons Calaias and Zetes both Argonauts.

Thanks to being curious I did some rough calculations and have estimated that if she really had existed she probably would have been born possibly in the 1380s BCE

Interesting enough the Greek Gods are divided into categories she is listed with the Theoi Ouranioi (Gods of the Sky)

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Psyche was a mortal Princess, She became the wife of Eros the winged God of Love. She was also the Goddess of the Soul and had wings herself.

Psyche was a mortal Princess who was decreed to be more beautiful than Aphrodite, but she did not think herself so and was a kind and loving woman who wanted to marry for love. Eros was sent by his mother Aphrodite to shoot her with his arrow and fall in love with a ugly man but he fell in love with her.

Psyche went to see the Oracle Pythia about her husband and the was told she would marry a creature feared by the Gods (Eros) themselves and she was taken to a cliff and was flown away to a palace and she became Eros' wife but he only visited while invisible wanting her to love him for what she knew and not because he was a god. She eventually became lonely and her sisters visited and jealous of her life and that she had a husband that she was in love with they induced fear in her about what her husband looked like using the prophecy told to her (it's possible she was pregnant and using the prophecy they induced fear of what giving birth to the child would do to her.)

Induced by fear from her sisters she took a lamp and snuck into his room and peaked at him. He was awakened by hot oil from the lamp falling on his shoulder and he was angry and disappointed she didn't trust him and flew off. Psyche went to the temple of Aphrodite and asked for forgivness for hurting her son and Aphrodite sent her to the underworld for a piece of Persephone's beauty to heal the wound on Eros' shoulder. She returned from the underworld and opened the box and fell into a sleep, Eros awakened her and took her to Olympos and she became Eros' immortal wife and a goddess in her own right and was given wings by her mother-in-law Aphrodite as a wedding gift so that she could fly with her husband.

Children by Eros
1. Hedone

Note: Psyche has violet blue eyes

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Princess Ariadne was from Crete and was the daughter of King Minos II and Pasiphae the immortal daughter of Helios and Persies. She helped Thesues escape the Labrynth after he killed the Minator using a ball of string and he took her with him to return to Athens but on the way he abandoned her on Naxos were she was discovered by Dionysus who fell in love with her and her with him and he made her his immortal wife. She gave birth to several mortal Kings and an Argonaut. One listing of her has it listed that was also the Goddess of the Labrynth of the Mind.

Dionysys gave her as a wedding gift a crown that she wore when she married him and became immortal, after the wedding Dionysus placed the crown in the heavens and it was refered to as the constellation Corona or Corona Borealis (the northern crown).

I did some rough calculations and deteremined that if she had existed the date of her meeting Dionysus would have been 1234 BCE (I used the date given for Theseus' rule of Athens) so if she was 20 when she met Dionysus then her date of birth would have been 1254 BCE or if 18 then 1252 BCE.

Some myths state that she became immortal not long after marrying Dionysus, but one myth states that she was turned to stone by Perseus when he and Dionysus went into combat with eachother and Dionysus decended to the underworld and took her back reviving her and making her a goddess, the only problem with this is that Perseus would have been in his 170s.

Interesting enough the Greek Gods are divided into categories she is listed with the Theoi Nomioi (Rustic Gods and Spirites)

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Princess Coronis of Thessaly. She was the daughter of King Phlegyas who ruled the Lapiths in Thessaly. She and Apollo fell in love and she had a son or sons one a mortal named Melaneus who came to rule Oikhalia (Oechalia) in Thessaly and a powerful demi-god named Asklepios. But interesting enough her father was the son of Ares and Princess Chryse, so she is a granddaughter of Ares and a great granddaughter of Hera.

Myth says she cheated on Apollo with a mortal and she was killed for it by Artemis but the child was rescued. Although I believe what it was is that she didn't cheat on him but the birthing of Asklepious is what killed her as his name means 'to cut open' and the child couldn't come out and she had to have a ceasarion to get the child out and it killed her. And the rumor of her cheating was spread by the man (Iskhys) who she had rejected for Apollo spread the rumor to asise himself of being rejected. As for Melaneus he may have been Asklepious' twin and she had him normally.

Her son Melaneus had a son named Eurytes who had a daughter named Iole who denied giving her hand in marriage to Hercules.

Her son Asklepius married the goddess Epione and they had several daughters and a son.

The first row is when she is alive and the bottom pic is after she has died and gone to the Elysian Fields which is why her skin tone is lighter, but the one on the far right is after she is revived and becomes a goddess after Apollo recovers her like Dionysus did for his mother.

I did some rough calculations and if she had existed then she would had her sons with Apollo in 1313 BCE, and depending on her age if say I would guess around 20 or 21 then her date of birth would have been 1333 or 1334 BCE.

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