Valkyrie - for the Fat Superhero Contest Picture

Protector of the Dead

Death is no respite for the truly just. Wife and mother, murdered by crime lords and resurrected as the angelic avatar of the Norse gods -- yes, they're still paying attention -- ex-policewoman Evan Hildegaard safeguards the innocent and guides the souls of the untimely dead to their final resting place.

Part avenger and part reaper, the newly-immortal VALKYRIE exists in a shadow world where she can never return to her old life, but must watch over her family from afar while bringing to justice the people responsible for her death and ensuring no others meet the same fate.


Drawn for the Fat Superhero Contest hosted by the amazing =Kxhara as a response to Selkiesun's reception at Comicon.

I had an incredible amount of fun working on this one. I never realized how much I was erasing my own body by drawing magazine-perfect ones. I'm don't carry weight in my stomach like Valkyrie does, but her body acts like mine nonetheless: her neck bulges when she pulls her head in, the flesh on her side folds when she cocks her hip, and her thighs actually look like they'd jiggle. It was a really eye-opening experience to draw someone who actually looked like me.

I usually draw martial women with more fitting armor, but I decided this time to really embrace the 'sexy plate mail' to show off her awesome stretch-marked belly. I'm sure when she's raining vicious justice on someone, she's probably wearing more clothes.


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