Kelpie Picture

Entry in a deco themed Myths, gods and creatures. Or actually this is just the painting, I added some text in the deco entry because some might not be familiar with the creature.

The kelpie is said to live in Scottish and Irish lochs and rivers. It induces people, especially children, to mount it, and as soon as someone does so, he or she cannot escape but remains like glued on the horse's back and gets drowned and eaten by the creature.

The kelpie is usually described as an ordinary-looking black or white horse (appearing quite innocent, which is why someone would attempt to ride it in the first place), but I added the skull face just to show the true nature of the beast. The kelpie is also said to be a shape-shifter so I thought a little exaggeration would not hurt, he might turn into a cute pony if he wanted to.
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