Tales of Earthina Movie Poster (If It Happens) Picture

This is from the project for conceptual story-telling class in Art Institute. One of them is create a movie poster as a teaser to the story. Apparently it was difficult for me because I couldn't really follow one of the rules in the project, on which it supposed to be the Hero's Journey. The thing is that I wanted to create my own series, my own story that I would love to tell about. Something like Bionicle. Another thing is that the story involves with six heroes, which I didn't know in the beginning that you can make it possible for it to be presented for the project, and I thought it was supposed to be focused on one hero or two. Instead, I just ended up telling a short story of one character instead. Apparently I'm leaving Art Institute, at least I learn a lot from the school.

I didn't know what world for my characters to be set until in after the semester ended, I found out the story that might be fitting for my characters, so here.

Once there was a world known as dreamworld created by the ones that the inhabitants of the dreamworld called the Dreamers (which is us). The dreamworld is a vast but void world created by the imagination, beliefs, mythology, and religion created by the Dreamers. It was also created in the older times by the first Dreamers. The Dreamers are contributed to the dreamworld, and sometimes walk through the land of the dreamworld when they sleep.
Alongside with the Dreamers, there are the deities such as the gods and a big big guy who watches over the world and are part of the creation. The dreamworld is a beautiful world, a variety of many lands, a paradise that the Dreamers can ever imagine. Societies and civilization formed in the dreamworld, as well of different races. However, it's not peaceful as it is. During the development of the dreamworld, there was an evil being known as Vornimus, a monster that would consume the dreamworld land by land. It was also known a the dream-eater. He was a biggest threats that the inhabitants of the dreamworld has tried to fight against.
As many lands were being devoured by Vornimus, nightmares erupting more, and the minds and dreams of the Dreamers were being extinguished. Worse, the dreamers could die. If the dreamworld is lost, so does the Dreamers.
However, there were four heroes, chosen by the deities, in order to fight against Vornimus. During the journey to fight against Vornimus, they came upon a hidden land inhabited by tribes of spectral spirits taking on forms of animals known as Animas. They were also called dream animals, for they were created by the Dreamers who were tribes based on totems. The animas were created to protect the dreams of the tribes from nightmare creatures created by the negativity of the Dreamers. One of the Animas' abilities is to sense evil or demonic powers. Their powers intrigued the heroes, for the heroes asked the animas' help to fight against Vornimus. With the powers of the animas' and the four heroes, they able to defeat Vornimus and sent him to a darkest place where a land of the dreamworld cannot be explored. The four heroes then became the legends of the dreamworld, as saviors.
However, some time after rejoicing, the four heroes then suddenly disappeared. Still, their heroic deeds influenced the Animas and it is believed that the heroes left the duty for the Animas to protect the dreamworld. Now it's the animas' duty to protect the dreamworld from any nightmare creatures, remnants or influences of Vornimus. Also their duty to protect the world for the Dreamers to sleep well.
At first they were spectral spirits, but now they take in a humanoid form as they adapt the dreamworld outside their land.
For thousands of years (in the dreamworld, years go faster than the average years in Earth) they've protected the dreamworld, though there was a growing conflict within the large tribe. There were four heroes but there are two different beliefs. The two of them believed in peace and justice, but the other two believed in vengeance and retribution. The influences of the dreamworld affected the four heroes.
As the dreamworld changes from the minds of the Dreamers, along with relationship within the Animas. Due to the morals of the four heroes, a conflict arose between the Animas, creating two factions. One believe that their actions is right for the dreamworld, and said that the other isn't right to do such things in order to protect the dreamworld. The growing conflict caused a war between the Animas. Because of the war between the Animas, their land was completely decimated, and the Animas then disappeared, scattered.
Years past, the dreamworld without the Animas or the four heroes is being conquered by a large empire from a different world with a goal to conquer the whole dreamworld. Along with that, the numbers of the nightmare creatures begin to increase more. With that, the dreamworld is now being threatened, as well the minds of the Dreamers.
Though, there is hope. The Animas may be scattered, but there are those who continue to fight for and protect the dreamworld, and soon haver their chance to save the dreamworld for the people and the Dreamers.

So what do you think?
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