Vastratos Study 1 Picture

So as said in my journal, I may be revamping and recreating my Vastratoverse(And give it a better name for that fact).

As such, I felt very compelled and desired to redesign Vastrato himself. The big star of my story.
In this newer story, Vastrato will be more reasonable in size and weight. As well as more active in the verse, where in the old one he only appeared like twice.
Thor, will be completly cut(Or at least thats the intention). At first the history tying with the Norse Mythology as enemys was intersting and fun, as well as carried over to Kaiju All Stars, I now have different feelings about as well as milked it for all its worth.

To make this design, I looked up several pictures of Baryonyx and Suchomimus. So yes, this Vastrato, unlike the last, is definetly placed within the Spinosaurid family rather then a mystery link of Crocodile and Therapod.
He will retain his powers of being elastic. That is sort of his trade mark after all.
Tyrantis is a flame thrower
Shimaku is a aura of death
Ultramaiden leaks of lighter fluid
and Vastrato, is a Rubber Band
Ontop of that, he will also be able to suck in vast amounts of air and release it in the hurricane like winds, as such in KAS.

Well, tell me how you like design, give me feed back and etc.
Please and Thank You.

also renamed the deviation title
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