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How many people remember Amalgam Comics? See, back in the 90's there was a big intercompany crossover between Marvel & DC Comics and, at the climax of the second-to-last chapter, both universes were merged, resulting in Amalgam characters like Spider-Boy (Spider-Man + Superboy), Dark Claw (Wolverine + Batman), Super Soldier (Captain America + Superman), Amazon (Storm + Wonder Woman) and so on. Even better, for a month they released comics about these characters, giving us a look at this warped world (my fave was Dr. Strangefate, especially for the twist ending that tied it to the X-Men). Both companies have returned to the "Amalgam Universe" a couple of times as well as created other independant Amalgams.
Anyway, while looking at one TTG! fan's versions of the offspring of their favorite pairings (coincidentally, it turns out that's the theme for the dA TTG! fanclub's latest contest), I remembered my OTHER favorite SatAM reworking of a classic comic, "X-Men: Evolution" (hottest version of Rogue EVER)...and wondered what would happen if I Amalgam-ed THOSE two universes.
My fanart bug refuses to leave me, it seems.
While I have ideas and REALLY rough sketches for the whole Titans/X-Men roster merge (as well as Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & Acolytes/H.I.V.E. & Brotherhood of Evil mixes), these are the first four roughs that I drew that are actually scanworthy (clockwise order from bottom middle), as well as what little of their origins I came up with...

Cerebro (Cyborg + Professor X): "The gods are returning."
Even the uncomfortable silence that usually greeted the sight of Professor Xavier Stone's crippled, half-mechanized body couldn't stem the uproar of laughter from his peers as the famed theoretical physicist presented his findings before the symposium. His calculations were unimpeachable, though; something was coming back towards Earth from across the gulf of quantum reality, something born of human thought and capable of shattering civilization and returning the human race to the Dark Ages.
Realizing he'd get no assistance from his fellow scientists, Prof. Stone fell back upon the one resource that, for all his life, had never failed him: his intellect. Piece by piece, he began merging his physical self further with cybernetic technologies, augmenting his consciousness until he became one with cyberspace, a living conduit of pure knowledge to stand against the beasts of myth...and, to fight their agents upon the physical Earth, he began assembling a young, maleable team of freaks and outcasts. When it came time to name his ragtag group of "volunteers," there was only one name that he could think of to fit...the name of those creatuers of primal legend, the only ones to stand against the gods and survive.
The Titans.

Soulstar (Starfire + Rogue): Princess Kor'marie of the Shi-Merans had lost her way while passing through a quantum storm that appeared on her sub-etherial scopes without warning. Crash-landing on Earth's temporal plane, she was fortunate to be found by some locals...fortunate because she was quite hungry after her stalled flight.
Contacted by Cerebro and recruited to help defend Earth against the very quantum anomaly that had trapped her in this reality, the outgoing if naive princess pledged her powers of flight, super-strength, and "Soulblasts" to his cause. Truthfully, she's actually quite fond of this planet and plans to stay for a while; the natives are friendly, the terrain is quite lovely, and the psychic-energy of the local boys is SO tasty.

Morrigan (Raven + Jean Grey): Dr. Arella Grey had once been one of Professor Stone's most trusted peers, her intelligence and ability to grasp the sometimes controversial and always complex aspects of his research matched only by her devotion to his teachings. Unfortunately for her and despite Xavier's repeated warnings, the latter sometimes overshadowed the former...such as when she decided to continue research into a "quantum probe" to actually try and contact the approaching anomaly that he had decided was too dangerous to complete. To her credit, it worked perfectly...unfortunately for her, though, it worked perfectly.
A star-devouring entity calling itself "Dark Raven" emerged from the quantum interface and, seeking a host and avatar, attacked and merged with Dr. Grey; the ebon flames of their forced coupling consumed the lab and almost killed Prof. Stone as well, damning his broken body to a life of reliance on machines to survive. When the unnatural conflagration passed, neither Dr. Grey nor "Dark Raven" remained; in their place was a female child, grey-skinned with fiery red hair, whom Prof. Stone eventually named "Morrigan" after the Raven Goddess of War from the Celtic mythology of Dr. Grey's heritage.
Despite her tragic origins, Morrigan is typically a quiet, respectful child; seeking to temper the dark, destructive powers within her, Xavier trained her as a healer and taught her the ways of meditation and quiet contemplation. As she passes through adolescence, however, her dark and hungry temperment and the destruction it unleashes has begun to surface, particulaly once she accidentally learned of her creation. Now terrified of what she will become, she has enclosed herself further, seeking to protect others from her heritage and powers; it's her secret hope to sacrifice herself against the coming gods so that she can, somehow, atone for how she came into being.

Puck (Beast Boy + Nightcrawler): No codename given to Cerebro's emerging team of Titans more closely matches its recipient than Garfield Wagner's. Having been born as the Berlin Wall fell, it's been said his playful spirit embodies the joyous freedom of that momentous day. He spent his youth in the Black Forests of Germany, cheerfully oblivious of how others would react to his bizzarre appearance. Seeking adventure in his adolesence, though, he journeyed out into the "real world" and was rapidly educated on the dark nature of his fellow man when he was wrongfully accused of the murder of a local girl. Despite capturing the true killer, instead of being cheered as a hero he was caged as a beast; only his newly emerging power to, in a puff of chartreuse smoke, change himself into any animal saved him from a life of captivity or worse.
He refused to believe that humanity was without hope or merit, and the legend of the "Forest Spirit" began to circulate, gaining such notariety that it attracted the attention of Cerebro, who recruitted the gregarious young man into his Titans. Playful, outgoing, and an outrageous flirt, Garfield took the other name of Robin Goodfellow from his favorite play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," in the sincere hopes that it might impress some girl some day. He's positive it will...after all, "no girl can resist the fuzzy."

I might have more tomorrow...my muses seem to be doing their best to keep me guessing.
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