Dallas Picture

Finally vuv
I have finished a full colored picture of this guy~
It's been long enough that I haven't.
So here he is. :3
I might post the plain version without the silly fog in my scraps. Just for reference and stuff.
But anyway...

This is Dallas. He's a normal human boy-- well, at least it seems like it at first --who's dealt with some pretty... bizarre things.


Name: Dallas
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight (most of the time :U)
Status: Taken by ~Cruel-Cartoonist's Jackson
Height: 5'
Weight: 111
Location: A small town near Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: School - 9th Grade
Hobbies: Drawing, keeping journals
Personality: At first, he seems like your average, stereotypical quiet, antisocial kid with only a couple close friends. He prefers working alone than with a group, so that he can think, and much prefers silence over the noise of a crowd. He doesn't get involved with drama or gossip at all, but if he finds someone he likes, he'll open up and trust them. He's actually very friendly and funny when you get to know him, even though he has a sort of dark sense of humor. Sometimes he can act strange or paranoid, though, even around those he's close to. Dallas is very artistic. He sketches and draws every time he gets a chance. His drawings tend to be more macabre and dark, a slightly more twisted version of our world. He isn't afraid of much, like the dark or spiders or ghosts, but his few fears are pretty strange. He's had bad experiences with cacti and is actually terrified of them. Since he isn't afraid of the paranormal, he has quite a fascination with it, especially ghosts and the like. He'll often go ghost hunting in haunted houses, visit graveyards at night to sit and think to himself, and read up on the mythology that surrounds them. However, all of this digging has brought him places where no one should go, and attracted things who think he's just a little too interested in their world... Most people, though, don't believe him when he tells them what he's seen, since none of them have seen anything for themselves. He longs for the day when he'll meet someone who will believe him, who won't think he's crazy, won't run away in fear...
Fears: Endless falls, heights, cacti
Likes: Jackson, taking walks at dusk, graveyards, haunted houses, silence, drawing, sketching, ghosts, night time, the moon, autumn and early winter, hot cocoa, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, writing journals, tree houses
Dislikes: Steve, summer, large crowds, heights, cacti, his cousins, his house, most of the people at his school

(will add more when I think of it)


So yeah c:

Art and Dallas (c) Me~
Brushes (c) ~miss69-stock browse.deviantart.com/art/fog-...
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