DP_residents of amity park Picture

Still planning a Danny Phantom comic. These are sketches for how I would depict some of the ghostly antagonists. Note the rope marks on Sydney's neck. I want to bring attention to the fact that the ghosts are dead people, not some other kind of living entity in another dimension. That was some bullshit added to the story later for censorship's sake and I never liked it. Wrecked the mythology of the story entirely. Also drew young Vlad just post accident. I have a fun addition to his origin story planned.

I would love for Danny to become a superhero in the classic sense, one that receives different treatments by different writers and artists, like Batman or Superman. To that end, my comic would be a retelling of the story with some elements altered and with emphasis placed on the parts that I personally find the most compelling. I encourage all fans to try this, as the more folks who revive the character, the more likely he will be to join the pantheon of great comic book heroes.
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