Loki sketches Picture

Hooray for Norse mythology! After being in an Avengers mode for a few months, I started thinking about the Prose Edda and the original myths concerning Loki and Thor. Thus this smattering of drawings. I thought that it would be interesting to draw Loki and the rest as I originally saw them through the myths, without any outside influence. So here- Loki as I see him. I looked up contemporary Nordic clothing so it's legit! Here are the stories behind the pictures:

1. Loki cutting off Sif's hair. In the story he cuts all of it off, but I hate drawing bald people so this is what you get. XD
2. Loki and his son Jormungandr (or Gandy, as ~VeerAshurra and I call him). He's also called Midgardsorm or the World Snake; in the myths he is described as a giant serpent that encircles the entire world. He and Thor will kill each other at Ragnarok (the end of the world).
3. Jotunn or frost giant Loki. Here I did use a bit of the Marvel influence making his skin blue, but I just loved how they showed both sides of him that way.
4. Thor and Odin being drunk, as I would guess their usual is. Somehow I feel that either Loki wouldn't drink, or he would have such a high metabolism from his shape-shifting that he could drink all he wanted and yet never get drunk. Thus, I imagine he would be Asgard's version of a DD practically every night. :/
5. Fem!Loki. Because he does it so often.
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