Lies' Labyrinth OC: Sid Artemis Picture

Hi. Original character update.

This is Detective Inspector Sid Artemis from East Hades. He works as a. . . detective, besides the obvious. He is rude, brash, hot-headed and always messy and unkempt. Hates to go to work because he thinks he's so good at his job he needs to work a higher rank, is sometimes sadistic towards close acquaintances, flirts very easily with the ladies and is a womaniser. He likes to refer to his eye colour as "true hazel" because of the brown matches the colour to that of hazel tree than the hazel eye colour (which is green-brown). His hair is rusty red. He is tanned because he likes sports - possibly soccer.

That much I can puke out for now. . . ._.

You have to wonder. . . if he lives in an ideal utopian society, what kind of crimes does he investigate and why or how?

Full Name :
Sid Artemis
Name Etymology : “Sid” as derived from English surname “Sidney” meaning ‘[at the]wide island/watermeadow’ or the French place name Saint-Denis / “Artemis” as derived from Greek mythology representing the ‘Goddess of the hunt and moon (and of the expectant and the young)
Prononciation : “Sid” [sid] / Artemis [ahrtuh●mis] / Hades” [hay●dis]
Nickname(s): “Red”, “The Red Runner”, “Red Fox”, “Flirt-Machine” or Hades' Sid
Alias : “Sid Hades

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