Improvement Meme 2004-2012 Picture

Updating the Improvement Meme!

2004: I first discovered GaiaOnline. One day I was bored, opened up MS Paint, and doodled my avatar (the first picture depicted. N00b-ish, amirite?) I then moved on to draw some of my friends and then, lolol, I offered them as commissions for gold derp.

2005: In particular, I liked doodling in Biology because I sat near the back. I can doodle and still pay attention well, so it didn't really effect my performance in the class--I did really well in Bio! Anyway, at the time, I was really into placing influences from Gothic Lolita clothes in my work. It looked good with the pen work, I guess, haha. Oh, and the last one was for a Greek mythology project about the god Pan. I was SO proud of that back then, omg. I did it with a mouse on a trial of Photoshop and it was one of the first times I tried CGing.

2006: I drew a TON this year. I had a lot of artwork from this year and I had a hard time choosing which ones to put up. Back into the Gaia commission scene. My Photoshop trial ran out or something so I stuck with traditional media for the most part. (Occasionally I had Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro when the trials didn't run out.) The first piece was what really got my started again with Gaia commissions--it was an entry in an art contest. I didn't win but I liked the challenge. You can kind of see me somewhat starting to develop something like the style I use currently now.

2007: I seriously had a difficult time finding art from 2007. I had to scrape these out of the deeper regions of my photobucket. I guess .. I really didn't draw much this year. The first piece was lololol a doodle I drew for Vic Micnogna's birthday (I emailed him and he liked it, haha.) The second was for my first art project in high school ever--a prehistoric fashion assignment! My friend and I partnered up and we made this big, elaborate project entitled "Prehistoric Runway", a Project Runway parody. Third was drawn for my school's production of "Peter Pan." It was on the program and poster and stuff. I was an Indian. C:

2008: I drew a lot more this year. Earlier in the year, I got Prismacolor markers. I really love working with them nowadays and I should probably try to scan in some more stuff with them. Later in the year, I got a tablet and I went really crazy with it. I drew a lot of Avatar: The Last Airbender fanart 'cause I was totally crazy about it what with the finale coming on that summer (ironically none of it is depicted there.) Actually, I drew a lot of fanart in general this year. South Park for example. The third was inspired by the story "The Yellow Wallpaper" and the fourth was for an art project about "A Midsummer Night's Dream." You can see them at my old deviantart account:
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