Canace Picture

This is an OC I created for ei contest.

Canace, which means daughter of the wind, is an owl-girl, in which a magician of time transferred psychical features from the powerful and mythologic creatures, the gryphons. She has been the first one who's happened this.

She's brave, smart, but daydreaming in occasions. She loves getting into fights and challenges friends of even subjects that she barely has met. Uses three kinds of weapon; bow & arrow, who she herself creates, a boomerang, made by his father, and a dagger, passed down by her great-grandfather. For some reason, her arrows are faster and more powerful. It is unknown if it's how she makes them, or the gift that was given to her.

Through all her life, she has been searching the riddle of her appearance. Every day, flying longer distances, meeting friends or rivals whom she will have to defeat, since there are some that know or say to know the truth about her being. She'll keep searching something, or someone, who truly contain the knowledge and wisdom. The one thing that is not known by her people, is that is some far away place, there is a creature who will make her company and guider her to her destiny.

That's some part of the story I created. I have more ideas for it but have not yet written nor know when I will. lol. I, either way, will keep on with this some time in the future.
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