A Glimpse of Dis Picture

A result of 12 hours work in PhotoSuite4, interrupted with breaks for tea and yogi exercise.

A continuation of a dream series I had where I discovered a post-apocalyptic world in an upstairs closet of this old house. This world is one part of a multiverse of many worlds including Earth and the world of Faerie. These are connected by a portal or linking room known as the World Gate.

In my version, this version of hell is kind of like Xibalba in Maya mythology, an incredible large place, divided into a number of individual structures or locations ruled by many tyrannical "Death Gods" and their helpers. However, instead of a place of judgment and a spiritual forge where the soul is purified for its eventual ascent to the higher spheres; it's actually a post-apocalyptic earth where the demons are actually mutated humans split into several different castes as a result of the past catastrophe and the resulting strain on resources.

Kes Allyntahl (C) mmpratt99

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